Paso Robles Label Reviews

AronHill 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon / Paso Robles
This estate grown cabernet greets you with a heady nose with hints of cherry and raspberries. Very smooth, this well aged cab with gentle oak overtones does not disappoint with its subtle tannins and hints of pepper. A delightful and drinkable cab that ís bold enough to stand up to a steak. It definitely stood up to ours.
AronHill 2005 Primitivo / Paso Robles
This estate grown varietal imparts a zesty, bold first sip that mellows into a well balanced bright and smooth wine with a medium full body. Gentle nose with subtle hints of blackberry and raspberry make it a perfect accompaniment to a barbecued steak dinner hot off the grill. This wine has a strong center with nice tannins that cleans the tongue without the bite. Buy a bottle for now, and a bottle for much later, as this has all the qualities for a wine to age well.
  AronHill 2005 Quatre Melanges / Paso Robles
A positive forward floral nose with subtle hints of cherry, blackberries and oak gives this dashing wine a very good first impression. Take a nice long sip and feel the tingle on the tongue as the fruit continues to unfold. The excellent balance and finesse make this seamless blend of Petite Syrah, Zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot a perfectly versatile wine to pair with your juicy thick steaks, or hearty Italian meals. Flavor is the key here, and your carefully prepared dinners will never be overshadowed with this seamless blend of estate grown grapes carefully blended for balance and longevity.
AronHill 2005 Vinho Doce / Paso Robles
This fresh warm port nose is the prize conclusion to a wonderful meal with friends. Sip slowly and swirl, as the subtle fruit flavors warm the palette and open the soul, never smother. Boasting a blend of 3 Portuguese varietals and one syrah, its smooth velvety finish pairs wonderfully with a rich, chocolate bite or a selection of triple creamy cheeses to while away the evening. Keep an extra bottle on hand for those special moments when you really want to extend the magical feel to a wonderful evening. It pleases every time.
AronHill 2006 Sauvignon Blanc / Paso Robles
Chill this light blonde sauvignon blanc to serve mid day during the hot but never lazy summer days to come. Crisp and tart with hints of citrus, pear and acres of green grapes and grass, this delicate and fragrant white will pair easily with salads, Asian food, cheeses and seafood. Drinkable, drinkable, drinkable are the three important words here, as the winemaker's love of wide open spaces and free galloping horses converges into a single bottle of romance ready to be broken open with favorite staples seasoned with spices used the world over in Chinese, Thai, Indian and even Mexican food dishes. We recommend two chilled bottles and no switching.
Bianchi Winery
Bianchi Winery 2005 Petite Sirah / Paso Robles
Deep,intensely ripe, lush, dark fruit flavors make this petite sirah a vintage to treasure. Wonderful fruit forward nose with a structured palate are supported by firm tannins and notes of truffle, cigar, truffles, cola and leather. Big flavor goes with big steak, full flavored cheeses, dry aged all natural roasts, stews and even a Beef Wellington. Unbelievably Smooth.
  Bianchi Winery 2006 Edna Valley Chardonnay / Paso Robles
Beautiful bright golden color with intense tropical fruit aromas, this fruit forward chardonnay is a product of the wonderful Edna Valley of the Paso Robles region. Slight citrus tones marry up with tropical pineapple, kiwi and creamy banana. Aged in oak barrels to give this wine a toasty, vanilla oak flavor. Superbly balanced..
Bianchi Winery 2005 Smoot Vineyards Merlot / Paso Robles
An intense jammy nose of ripe cherries, dark berries and plums, this meaty, full flavored red greets the palate with a firm, supple mouth feel and ripe tannins. Savor the first sip, as this complex merlot unfolds into a long finish with hints of vanilla, cloves and earthy minerals. Oh, what a feast to have with a sizzling, dry aged rib eye charred to perfection on the grill. This wine is from their Signature collection, aged 19 months to perfection in French and American oak, and guaranteed to cellar well..
  Bianchi Winery 2005 Pinot Noir- Garey Vineyards
Paso Robles

A Beautiful, deep berry color with great legs greets the nose. The complex bouquet of fruit aromas give way to an inviting first sip. Hold tight, because this just gets betters. A structured, well balanced palate gives way to mild tannins and a lingering finish, topping off with wild mushrooms and earthy mineral tones. Pairs well with pasta seafood dishes, roasted game, smoked meats and full flavored cheeses. MMmmmm enjoy!.
Bianchi Winery 2005 Syrah / Paso Robles
A heady aroma of packed berries is your first introduction to this signature wine. Luscious blackberries, plums, ripened cherries and raspberries unfold into a pocket of earthy mushroom, cigar, and crisp fall leaves.Well balanced acidities and mild tannins make this easy to drink, as your last sip leaves an ever so slight memory of clove, toasty oak and vanilla. A hearty, full flavored wines that goes best with hearty stews seasoned with basil, bay, sage and thyme. A must have for the cellar.
  Bianchi Winery 2005 Primitivo / Paso Robles
This estate grown varietal imparts a zesty, bold first sip that mellows into a well balanced bright and smooth wine with a medium full body. Gentle nose with subtle hints of blackberry and raspberry make it a perfect accompaniment to a barbecued steak dinner hot off the grill. This wine has a strong center with nice tannins that cleans the tongue without the bite. Buy a bottle for now, and a bottle for much later, as this has all the qualities for a wine to age well.
Eberle Winery
Eberle Winery 2006 Zinfandel, Steinbeck/Wine Bush
Paso Robles

A deep, jammy nose with a fruit forward palate and exceptional color take away your breath on this first sip. Ripe blackberries, tart cherries, prunes, and a peppery finish unfold into a complex finish with hints of floral surrounded by an absorbing mineral and earthy edge. Well balanced and elegant, trust this wine to work with your carefully and lovingly prepared main dishes with rich sauces. We paired with barbecued ribs slow smoked in a whisky sauce for 8 hours, but Beef Wellington will work also.
Eberle Winery 2007 Estate Chardonnay / Paso Robles
A beautiful golden hue greets the eye, as the dense fruit flavors make for an aroma worthy of lingering. A tart first sip greets the palate and quickly unfolds into a flow of pear, apples, pineapple and green apple, rounded out by a touch of vanilla and caramel. Very well balanced, offering the perfect accompaniment to barbecued chicken, raw oysters, spicy food and pasta alfredo with freshly steamed clams.
Eberle Winery 2006 Barbera / Paso Robles
A beautiful deep ruby red edged with light garnet hues greets the eye and invites your senses to relax, and take that first sip. This is an elegant wine, that takes you back to its Italian roots. The sweet grassy profile of Piemonte is captured here in the Steinbeck section of the Eberle winery, offering a smooth palate with soft tannins and well balanced, but bright acidity. Ripe raspberry, cherry, blackberries with truffles and other earthy notes make a warm, lingering, fruitful finish worthy of this wineryís creation. Pair with barbecued quail and an Asian slaw. Only 928 cases produced.
  Eberle Winery 2007 Mill Road Viognier / Paso Robles
A dense floral bouquet of honeysuckle and apricot with gentle edges of melon, peach and ripe figs.†A long, dry finish with lingering spicy notes. Perfect for a spicy Thai or Chinese dish, or a very drinkable wine all by itself as the warm summer days become a prelude to the cooling fall days to come.
Eberle Winery 2007 Syrah Rosè / Paso Robles
Dense fruit flavor greets the nose with bright strawberry, green apple and raspberry flavors. A full flavored, dry rose with bright acidities and a neutral oak finish. This is a light wine that drinks like a red, and should be paired with gently spiced dishes to bring out the unique characteristics of the wine. We paired with barbecued turkey, and a savory corn, heirloom tomato, fresh pea and basil salsa. Mmmmm. Only 628 cases produced.
Eberle Winery 2005 Syrah, Steinbeck Vineyard / Paso Robles
The traditional flavors of the syrah grape are captured here, with the deep, elegant dark fruit hue that only ripe black berries, cherries and even blue berries create. Itís depth and complex bold structure greets the palate with a beautiful crisp nose of rich fruity berry, ripe plums and freshly cracked pepper. Smooth on the palate with fruity hints and a subtle tart finish and tight, subtle tannins. Grown and harvested from the Steinbeck vineyard lot, this wine is the careful creation of a beautiful wine aged in both American and French oak barrels. A rhone style syrah with the structure to age well in the cellar. Buy one for now, one for the cellar, this is a wonderful wine.Bring it out with that wonderful holiday fare that fills the table and is part of the memory. Fifteen hundred cases made. GREAT WINE
Eberle Winery 2006 Cùtes-du-Rùbles / Paso Robles
A luscious, deep purple hue and an intense, deeply packed fruit forward aroma of dark berries, cherries and earthy minerals make this classic Cotes du Robles a noteworthy addition to the Eberle Winery. Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenach and Viognier, all separately harvested in small lots throughout 4 different vineyard lots, were carefully nurtured to bring you one of Eberleís signature wines. Complex layers of rich fruit flavors with notes of mushrooms, truffles, leather, cigar box, with an oaky finish and hints of vanilla. An easy to pair wine, will go well with that Sunday sit down meal with friends around the table and plenty of laughter.
  Eberle Winery 2007 Estate Muscat Canelli / Paso Robles
This estate grown Muscat Canelli is a beautiful, light golden color with intense floral aromas of orange blossoms, honey suckle, and sweet melons. Citrus tones blend well with orchard inspired sweetness, offering a well balanced dessert wine low in alcohol content. Easy to drink, this well crafted wine offers a crisp, long finish, making this the perfect wine to serve after dinner with cheese cake, crËme brule, soft cheeses, or a chocolate cake. A staple of the Eberle Winery, 1500 cases produced.
4 Sisters Ranch
4 Sisters Ranch 2005 Syrah / Paso Robles
Hold this glass up to the sunlight and revel in the beautiful gem like hues. A light, highly drinkable wine with great legs make this Syrah a great compliment to warm summer evenings with friends. Its wall of floral nose with a hint of leather offers a dry, subtle fruit palate that builds to a lingering, balanced finish with a hint of spice. Grill up some salmon and enjoy, but this drinkable wine will go great with anything you've got going.
4 Sisters Ranch 2005 Cabernet-Sauvignon / Paso Robles
A laidback and balanced wine make this Cabernet easy on the palate. It offers a sophisticated floral nose with hints of violet, black currants, cherries, chocolate, and yes, vanilla, that heightened this drinkerís curiosity. The wineís subtle tannins make for a light mouthful, and soft fruit flavors provide a pleasant hint of sweetness. A great wine to pair with lighter grilled meats, honey walnut prawns, or a braised lamb shank.
Four Vines
  Four Vines Heretic 2006
Pure, unadulterated petite sirah brings deep nose, layered with black currants, deep dark chocolate and pepper notes. Amazingly smooth mouth for such a layered taste. Feels like there should be a huge lingering mouth after swallowing but it's surprisingly mellow and warm and sensuous. Break with convention. The winemaker wants you to know you are in for something different, and you are. Only 856 cases produced.
  Four Vines Loco 2006 (Spanish Tempranillo Blend)
Paso Robles -Tres Cajones Vineyard

Deep plummy nose, rich in blackberries, with depth that belies its youth. A complex wine. This original blend of Syrah and Grenache comes together to form a splendid layered effect with rich yet tight tannins and a deep earthy, fruity, flavor with a rich oak finish. Beautiful, deep, soft, smooth finish sips like a wine with more age on it. This is what great wine is all about. Itís summer now. Get out the ribs, or enjoy all by itself.
  Four Vines Anarchy 2006 / Paso Robles
Take it slow, and pause over the exquisitely huge jammy nose, for winemaker Christian Tietje did this wonderfully balanced Rhone blend of Syrah, Old Vine Zinfandel and Mourvedre on purpose. Huge, deep, dark fruit flavor with peppery undertones on the palate unfold into a delicate balance of Old Vine Zin terroire and a delicate lingering taste of licorice and crushed fall leaves. Beautifully balanced, very delicate. A finish so perfect you'll want to linger in the mouth unlike any wine before it. Unusually delicious.
  Four Vines 2007 "Naked" Chardonnay, Santa Barbara
A bright fruit forward bouquet greets the nose. Tart apples balance with ripe peaches and pears, unfolding into a citrus finish with earthy minerals. An honest expression of chardonnay with no oak, and no malolactic fermentation. Keep a few bottles cooled and ready to pull out. You can use this as your every day wine for all occasions.
Halter Ranch
Halter Ranch 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon / Paso Robles
A laid back nose with a strong body, this dark, complex cabernet has a sophisticated nose of currants and ripe blackberries. Overtones of chocolate, olives, and hints of oak help to integrate all the flavors in a rich mouth fill with deep tannins. The long finish keeps you coming back for more. Designed to age well, this wine is perfect for aging over the next decade.
Halter Ranch 2004 Ancestor / Paso Robles
Drink this Estate Reserve Cabernet blended with Petit Verdot, Merlot, Malbec and Syrah and feel the connection to a rich history with hints of mellow old vines. This vintage Bordeaux style blend has already been softened by two years in the bottle. Ancestor is a complex and sophisticated nose of rich cassis and blackberry fruit. Combine that further with the legacy of its wide open surroundings: bark of the cedar tree, tobacco leaf, surrounding berry bushes. The almost jammy intensity of the blackberries is balanced by the young tannins. Don't be afraid to hold on to a bottle for at least a decade, as this wine was made with a respect for aging. Named after the ancient Coast Live Oak tree that sits center stage on the Halter Ranch Estate, this venerable tree represents all that is sacred to them. It is their ancestor. Only 400 cases produced.
Halter Ranch 2005 Syrah / Paso Robles
Close your eyes and picture the steep cliffs of the Northern Rhone, and then swirl your first glass of Halter Ranch Syrah, blended ever-so-lightly with the Mourvedre and Malbec grapes. Your first sip shall transport you to an out-of-California experience, yet everything is grown right here in the Paso Robles region, by winemakers specializing in the Rhone Valley experience. Smokey plums and cassis aromas are accented with rich mocha and hints of licorice. A lush mouth feel is enhanced by just enough acidity to bring out brightness and zest. A very hearty red with lots of tannins, pair with your boldest barbeque and grilled fare. Guaranteed to age well over time..
Hunt Cellars Vineyards

Hunt Cellars 2006 Syrah Rosé "Afternoon Delight" /
Paso Robles

T he bold ruby hue of this wine is quite striking in a glass. Swirl and take in the dazzling, springtime nose of cherry, cranberry, strawberry, and a lovely touch of rose petal. A bright, crisp wine, with a refreshing acidity on the palate, the red berry notes return alongside sweet hints of toffee and apple. Grab a bottle and enjoy it on a lazy Sunday with a Naga truffle from Vosges chocolate, a delicate balance of sweet Indian curry, coconut and velvety milk chocolate.
Score: 90

Hunt Cellars 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon "Cab 9" / Paso Robles
Opening with a lovely California nose of violets and lavender mingling with highlights of spice, when sipped slowly, the wine unfurls rich fruit layers of currants, cherry, and blackberry. Deeper notes of chocolate and truffles give the wine a very nice depth. Full-bodied and warm on the palate, the finish is soft and lingering. Savor a single bite of a rich, dark creamy chocolate Vosges Budapest truffle laced with sweet Hungarian paprika made from the mild capsicum pepper for the ultimate wine and chocolate sensation.
Score: 94

Hunt Cellars 2003 "Rhapsody in Red" Reserve Red Wine /
Paso Robles

An exquisite deep purple in color, this is a rich, lush red blend. Allowed to open in a glass, intoxicating aromas of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and cherry overtake the senses. A sip brings forth layers of flavor with dark chocolate, currants, vanilla, and coffee mingled with notes of ripe red fruit. The tannins are elegant and the finish excellent. A very nice wine. Do as we did and pair it with Vosges Chocolate's Oaxaca bar made with dark Tanzanian chocolate, organic pumpkin seeds, the sweet guajillo chili pepper and rounded out nicely with a fresh, creamy ganache laced with licorice and spice. It is a wonderful combination.
Score: 93


Hunt Cellars Vineyards 2004 Maestro Red Wine
Paso Robles - Destiny Vineyards

A dense, fruit forward bouquet surrounded by honeysuckle that makes all the senses go "ahhhhhhh" -- and that's before the first sip. A blend of sangiovese, merlot, cab, cab franc and petit sirah, this original blend is a creation of the maestro of Hunt Cellars, David Hunt. Ripe dark fruits are balanced with spring floral scents to get you going, while notes of a wine well aged unfold into layers of smooth tannins lapping up against earthy and spicy tones, guaranteed to play over and over. A nice big red, so well balanced, this can be paired so nicely with fresh young all natural lamb seasoned with garlic and rosemary, or a dry aged rib eye roast with truffle oil and fresh thyme.

  Hunt Cellars Vineyards 2003 Unforgettable Merlot
Paso Robles

A deep fruit forward, perfume nose, so well balanced, lovely. Luscious, dark ripe fruits blend with mushroom, cigar box, smokey oak and almonds to bring you a finish that lingers and invites, begs for more. Warm memories stay at the back of the throat, with a smooth finish at the end urging you to start over, drink more... a work of art. Aptly named. You can drink this one alone, but always good with smoked almonds, creamy cheeses, and oh.. everything else..
  Hunt Cellars Vineyards 2003 Syrah Serenade
Paso Robles - Raging Bull Vineyards

Inhale this aromatic bouquet of intense dark fruit. Let the first sip begin and sing your first "ahhhh". Lush, ripe plums, berries and cherries with hints of floral give way to earthy notes of truffle, cigar box, crispy leaves that have fallen to the ground and are once again part of the terroire. Smooth on the palate with a long, lingering finish, this is a medium body wine with mild tannins, a serenade to the land and all that it produces. Get the whole table ready with full flavored cheeses, great artisan breads, smoked fish, and lead into a great roast seasoned with garlic and rosemary. Bring friends..
  Hunt Cellars Vineyards 2004 Cab Ovation
Paso Robles - Destiny Vineyards

A deep well of 100% estate grown cabernet fruit greets the nose. The lush ripe plums, dark cherries, tart raspberries and cassis take turns making their entrance, while the strong body of the muscular tannins provide a steady under current in this complex, full bodied wine. Lingering notes of terroire gently fade, but with great tone. A smooth mouth feel, this wine has been aged in French and American oak for over two years. Bring out your most adventurous food creations ñ game food, cheeses, smoked ribs, for this is a full symphony. Give this cab a standing ovation.
Justin Vineyards
  Justin Syrah 2006 / Paso Robles
Slow down, and appreciate the details of this hand harvested wine. The rich, dark purple color gives off a light maroon edge when held up to the sunlight. The fruit forward nose invites that first sip with aromas of currants, cassis, spices, and blackberries. The mid palate is firm, and takes you on a journey of toasted oak, vanilla, all encased with light, supple tannins for a soft, smooth mouth feel. The lingering finish definitely leads to another sip and another, and another. A great pre dinner drink, or pair with roasted game and strong cheeses. Aged 18 months in oak barrels, this wine can be consumed young, but will age well.
  Justin Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 / Paso Robles 
An elegant, dark red Cabernet with a heady bouquet of raspberry, cherry and notes of smokey mushroom, and vanilla. Soft tannins make for a velvety palate that is balanced nicely with a dry finish. The finish lingers with soft tannins and overtones of cedar and oak. A highly drinkable wine by itself or paired with a seared Ahi-tuna, Porterhouse steak, or barbecued quail! Aged 18 months in both American and French oak barrels. Buy one for now and one for the cellar.
Martin & Weyrich

Martin & Weyrich 2003 Nebbiolo II Vecchio / Paso Robles
A distinctive, expressive wine worthy of notice. Itís bouquet of earth tones, smoke, and dark fruit unfold on the palate with an engaging complexity. Layers of cedar, cigar box, tobacco leaf give way to dark berries, plums and raspberries in the true Italian sense of this varietal. The palate is firm and savory and the finish lingers and unfolds, offering many edges to the last sip. Mild tannins make this the wine to place at both ends of the table when crafting that hearty Italian feast. If this is your first venture into Italian varietals, this will please, please, please. Aged in French Oak for 24 months, Wine maker Craig Reed has immersed himself in the Italian varietals, and leads the way.

Martin & Weyrich 2003 Nebbiolo / Paso Robles
An earth driven bouquet greets the nose, yet this wine is much more delicate than the Nebbiolo Reserve. Aromas of cherry with floral notes are the difference here, and lighter tannins lend themselves to an easy mouth feel and a bright finish. Paired with bold marinara sauces and pestos ground from fresh basil right out of the garden, this Italian varietal is crafted right here in Paso Robles by talented wine maker Craig Reed.


Martin & Weyrich 2006 Pinot Grigio / Paso Robles
Think fresh, light and crisp with a bright fruit forward bouquet of fresh figs, pears and citrus. The palate has a subtle hint of tartness and a well balanced acidity that leads to a clean, refreshing finish. This oh so drinkable wine is perfect for a summer dinner party, especially when paired with a prosciutto and melon appetizer.


Martin & Weyrich 2006 Pinot Noir / Paso Robles
A fruit forward Pinot that truly caters to a crowd. An exquisite dark red color with the edges of a warm sunset give this wine an enticing hue. Subtle cherry notes on the nose are pleasant and refreshing, and the subtle tannins make this wine highly drinkable. The balanced finish is dry yet smooth. A great table wine to be framed with many platters of food and warm laughter. Pass the bottle, please!

Martin & Weyrich 2004 Sangiovese II Palio / Paso Robles
The varietal character and richness shines through with scents of cherry and leather, yet the palate is supple and lighter than the aromas would indicate. Earthy tones surround the dark fruit flavors that are well balanced and spicy. The finish is superb, a fine balance of smooth and dry. This is meant to be a hearty companion to an Italian feast, and we made sure by tasting with our own sausage lasagna and rich 5 Italian cheese raviolis with a freshly ground pesto sauce. MMmmmmm. Just to be sure, we tested it twice!

Martin & Weyrich 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Etrusco
Paso Robles

A tasteful blend of 85% Cabernet and 15% Sangiovese make this a superb wine. This understated Tuscan blend hits the mark with its marriage of the dark rich fruit flavors of the Cabernet, and the brighter red berry characteristic of the Sangiovese. The full nose bouquet and the endless bottom belies the simplicity of the blend. The mouthfeel is rich, well-balanced, supple and smooth, yet the finish still retains a pleasing hint of dryness. An incredibly fine wine overall. Pairs exquisitely with tomato based dishes and pastas in general. Makes a great impression sitting on the table, too !

Martin & Weyrich 2006 Moscato Allegro / Paso Robles
A warm, apricot nose offering a full floral bouquet, this dry, smooth white wine is perfect as an after dinner drink, or with dessert. Fermented at very cold temperatures, this 7% alcoholic content wine pleases with intense flavor without the hangover. Wine maker Craig Reed has developed a following for this one, producing over 70,000 cases a year. Well balanced acids keep it dry on the palate, and fresh in the glass. If you've been looking for just the right wine to finish the meal with, this is a must try!

Midnight Cellars
  Midnight Cellars 2006 Chardonnay Estate Reserve
Paso Robles

A beautiful, light golden color with a full nose of fresh, tart apple with scents of floral sets the stage for this luscious chardonnay. A rich mouth feel of green apple, pear and mango are balanced with an almost honey like blanket of ginger. The refreshing finish is long and satisfying, highlighting a well balanced oak which doesnít overpower the grape. Only 175 cases made. A special feel to the palate, youíll want to capture one of these chardonnays for your collection.
  Midnight Cellars 2006 Estate Zinfandel / Paso Robles
Hold this beautiful ruby red zin up to the sun, and savor the color. Then, slow down, and enjoy the aroma. A wall of power nose. Dark ripe fruits blend with fresh tart raspberries to bring you a fruit forward nose that truly stands out. A big mouth feel, with the spice of the terroire. This is 100% zinfandel, with a long finish and a lingering, fruit filled moment. Bold, bold, bold. Well balanced, this should age well. Buy one for now, one for the cellar. Only 950 cases made of this, so zin lovers, have some on hand.
  Midnight Cellars 2004 Mare Nectaris / Paso Robles
A complex, unfolding fruit forward aroma of dark ripe fruits, spicy notes with a hint of anise. Take your time to sip. The unfolding layers of light and dark fruits against well balanced earth tones of leather, crushed leaves, truffles provides a balance in this beautifully balanced blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec, cabernet franc, and petit verdot. A long, beautiful, lingering finish with luscious oak tannins. Pairs well with a spicy barbecued rib platter, or a succulent roast. 298 cases produced.
  Midnight Cellars Aurora Reserve White Wine / Paso Robles
A rich bouquet of tropical fruit greets the nose. A creamy, full mouth with a notable bottom creates a lingering finish of vanilla spiced coconut. Tame tannins take the background as a grapefruity flavor leaves a delightful tingle on the tongue after swallowing. A full bodied white, this wine is clean, crisp, and a seamless blend of Viognier, Rousanne, and Marsanne.
Opolo Vineyards
Opolo Vineyards 2005 Sangiovese / Paso Robles
Beautiful light berry bouquet sets the stage for a hearty peasant wine with a musky undertone. This single vine varietal is to the point. Raspberries and black berries dominate, while American oak aging tame the tannins. Earthy tones linger below the surface. Well balanced and versatile. Put at both ends of the family table and keep pouring. Works great with marinara based sauces, spicy smoked meats, tastey salads.
  Opolo Vineyards 2004 Rhapsody Red Wine / Paso Robles
A luscious wall of floral and fruit greets the nose. The warm, full fruit flavor offers layers of complexity while earthy tones of truffle and hints of cocoa play out in a well balanced, light tannin , lingering finish. Masterfully created in small lots by an estate blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot aged in French and American oak barrels. This is an easy drinking wine and the pride of the vineyard. This should age well.
Opolo Vineyards 2006 Mountain Zinfandel / Paso Robles
This estate grown Zin starts out with a big California nose of tart raspberries, dark blackberries, with hints of mountain terroire and spicy notes. A warm, friendly mouth feel continues to unfold with a long, lingering finish. Toasty oak warmth comes from 12 months of aging in neutral oak barrels. Bold, bold, bold.
  Opolo Vineyards 2005 Rousanne / Paso Robles
Meet the Rousanne grape. A gentle bouquet of honeysuckle and summer fruit greets the nose like a ray of sunshine. Tart, fresh apple is tempered with melon, pears, sweet almonds well balanced with the accent on an earthy mineral finish. A supple palate with a good acidic balance, this is an easy drinking wine that has been aged only three months in a neutral oak. A little less flexible than a sauvignon blanc, but when paired with creamy cheeses, or a summer salad with a great artisan bread and high quality butter, you canít make it any better.

Sculpterra 2008 Viognier / Paso Robles
This Viognier is a first vintage from the Frankel Family Vineyard located in the rolling hills of Paso Robles. The nose is rich with intoxicating honeysuckle, layered over notes of tropical fruit and zesty hints of lemon. Sip it slowly and flavors of mango, sweet pineapple, and California flowers flow into touches of stone fruit, honey, and grapefruit. The finish is bright with a crisp clean acidity that ends with lingering floral notes. This is an excellent choice for an aperitif or to savor with some fresh crab cakes.
Score: 90


Sculpterra 2007 Figurine / Paso Robles
A California blend of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 44% Zinfandel, and 11% Merlot, this wine opens up with a big, bright nose. Aromas of spicy blackberries and strawberry jam meld nicely with currants and white pepper. Bold tannins carry rich dark berry flavors with accents of spice and vanilla that close with lush notes of raspberry and strawberry. Open a bottle and turn dinner into a small celebration with barbequed chicken, ribs, and hamburgers.
Score: 91


Sculpterra 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon / Paso Robles
Conditions in 2005 allowed for a long growing season and great hang time. After aging in French and Hungarian Oak, the resulting wine is elegant and soft with an excellent classical structure. Given a chance to breathe in a glass, scents of ripe cherry, currants, and raspberry give way to softer notes of vanilla, chocolate, and a touch of oak. On the palate, the layered berry flavors return, moving into dried fruit flavors alongside dark chocolate, spice, earthy truffles, and hints of smoke. Pair this with a rare prime rib or a luscious dessert.
Score: 91


Sculpterra 2006 Syrah / Paso Robles
This Syrah is another first vintage from Sculpterra. From its deep, dark purple hue emanates powerful aromas of plum, blackberry, and blueberry with effervescent accents of spice and hickory smoke. The palate is packed with bramble fruit and sweet cherry, with an engaging zest of pepper and other spices. The wine is light, its mouthfeel smooth, and the finish bright as it closes upon notes of spice and dried fruit. Look out for future vintages of this varietal. There is plenty of potential.
Score: 90

  Sculpterra 2006 Maquette / Paso Robles
This brilliant Bordeaux blend of 63% Cabernet, 25% Merlot and 12% Petite Sirah was carefully handcrafted in small lots to capture the dominant characteristics of the Cabernet, while the warm berry flavors of the Merlot continue to unfold into a lingering finish of the Petite Sirah. This bright, piquant wine has a deep color and nice legs with a soft perfume nose. Well balanced with a hint of oak, this oh so drinkable wine offers a completely balanced feel in the back of the mouth with a triumphant finish minus the heat and sharp edges. Easy to drink with your favorite barbecue fare. We went with thick, juicy rib eye steaks done to a very precise 135 degree center. Get one bottle for now, and one for the cellar.
Sculpterra 2006 Statuesque / Paso Robles
If you drink wine to feel the love, be one of those that partake of this wine makerís efforts to create the ultimate Rhone Wine experience. An incredible blend of classically grown and nurtured Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Petite Sirah, each varietalís characteristics are defined by what nature brought to the table. Yes, the wine has plum and floral notes on the nose with rich tannins and cherries, boysenberries and leather that linger, but the wine maker wants you to close your eyes and picture the steep cliffs of the Northern Rhone, while you taste the luscious calcareous and chalky soil of the Southern Rhone so carefully nurtured and replicated in the versatile growing environment of Paso Robles.
  Sculpterra 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon / Paso Robles
A wonderful aroma with a spicy nose and great legs, this estate grown cabernet was handled with extreme care during the growing stage to bring you a classic cabernet with an intense fruit flavor with strong tannins. The resulting complex palate with a balanced middle and peppery, tart spikes maintained its balance with a strong finish that worked well when paired with full flavored cheeses, steaks, pork and even salads. This wine is drinkable now and will age well in the years to come.
Sculpterra 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon / Paso Robles
This full bodied cabernet sauvignon follows in the footsteps of its 2005 sister, with its full bodied, rich tannin profile, balanced with rich cherries, blackberries and hints of oak and yes, eucalyptus, too. Well balanced by 12 months in American oak barrels, this second vintage of Estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon represents the continuation of the winemakerís vision to produce complex and full bodied wines with attention to every detail in the growing and nurturing stage of the grapeís glorious life. Its final rich fruity flavor with a well centered structure and strong peppery finish makes it a perfect red to pair with your heartiest meals this winter, whether it be game, lamb, stews or roasts.
  Sculpterra 2006 Petite Sirah / Paso Robles
Keep an eye on this robust wine, for its small, delicate grapes have yielded to a big flavor with brilliant color and intense aromas. Boasting strong plum flavors surely as a result of judicious pruning and intentionally low yields, this very well balanced wine has a smooth mouth feel followed by rich tannins. Aged one year in American oak, its rich profile makes it a contribution to any cellar. Winemaker Shannon OíNeill deserves a following.
  Sculpterra 2006 Syrah / Paso Robles
Slowly swirl and take your time before your first sip of this intensely spicy, fruity aroma. Notice its brilliant, deep purple color with a pale red edge that matches the setting sun along with its deep legs, and then taste the plums and cherries balanced superbly with a light tannin and spicy fruit finish. Aged in American, French and Eastern European Oak, the wine was aged for one year. The details are in the nurturing prior to harvest, leaving the purity of the fruit your rich reward at the table, paired under a variety of circumstances, such as grains and seafoods in addition to your beef or pork. Only 140 cases of this wine, grown right here in the Paso Robles region.
Tablas Creek Vineyards
  Tablas Creek Esprit 2006 de Beaucastel Blanc / Paso Robles
Golden sun hues greet the eye. First swirls produce a deep musty nose, an elegant reflection of an old vine blend of Rousanne, Grenache Blanc and Picpoul Blanc grapes. Aromatics of honeysuckle, lemon, and apple with hints of caramel unfold into a rich creamy palate. The lingering mineral finish refreshes, making this not only a wonderful summertime white, but a wintertime white for your best holiday presentations. A complex white that pairs well with full flavors, but we invite you to bring out the essence of the vines with a fresh pea soup flavored with smoked pork and thyme. Now that was a great pairing!
  Tablas Creek Côtes de Tablas Blanc 2006 / Paso Robles 
A blend of white grapes in the style of French Côtes du Rhone, a luscious aroma of fresh spicy fruits awakens the senses to a refreshing and well balanced wine. A wonderful table wine that goes with absolutely everything, this is the drink to keep on hand for those hot summer months still in front of us. Rich flavors of apricot and peaches greet the palate, followed by a bright acidity and a long clean finish. Predominantly Viognier and Marsanne balanced with Grenache Blanc and Roussanne, try this wine and then compare to more traditional whites, such as Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays. Pairs great with seafoods, salads, Chinese and Indian foods. Keep it chilled and on hand, ready for last minute meals and unexpected company. An excellent choice!
  Tablas Creek 2006 Rousanne / Paso Robles
A rich, jammy nose unusual for a white, reminiscent of baked peach pie. Luscious mouth feel with aromas of pear, honeysuckle, figs, unfolding into a long, creamy, mellow finish of honey and earthy minerals. A serious food wine. No blending, no oak, just beautiful, well balanced Rousanne. Get to know this single varietal, and surprise guests this holiday season by bringing a bottle with you wherever you go. Pairs great with a zesty salad, bold seafoods and game food.
  Tablas Creek Rosë 2007 / Paso Robles
Wine connoisseurs will sip this wine with interest, as this traditional rose blend of Southern Rhone varietals greets the nose with a rich aroma of plum, spice, strawberry and subtle floral notes. On the palate, strawberry flavors are balanced nicely by a vivid acidity that gives the wine a bright character. The finish is light and dry with a few lingering hints of tartness. Blended with Mourvedre, Grenache and Counoise on the organically grown estate of Tablas Creek, the final taste is a tribute to carefully nurtured terroire. A wine to be enjoyed at a summer picnic or to pair with grilled chicken sausages, full flavored pastas and grain dishes, or even a salad.
  Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel 2005 / Paso Robles
Slow down and close your eyes before you take your first. First, enjoy the aroma of this heady, fruit forward nose. Layered with aromas of ripened luscious fruit, you do not want to pass by this moment too quickly. A rich blend of Mourvedre, Grenache, Syrah and Counoise, packs the palate with the dark fruit flavors of cherry, plums, berries with hints of cinnamon and mocha. Solid tannins give the wine a full mouth feel, unfolding into a warm, bright finish with lingering hints of earthy minerals and black cherry. Rich in structure, this wine will age well over the next 10 — 15 years, but don't pass up the chance to drink this now with a dry aged naturally raised , rare ëní juicy steak or a T- Bone Veal Chop
  Tablas Creek Côtes de Tablas 2006 / Paso Robles
Transporting France to California , this organic, well balanced blend of the Rhone varietals Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, and Counoise, draws you in with a rich, fruity bouquet of berries and notes of pepper. Delicate tannins provide a smooth mouth feel and make for easy drinking. The finish is bright, with hints of spices and licorice. Relax the summer away with a bottle of this very drinkable wine and some grilled gourmet sausages. Wine maker Neil Collins doesn't disappoint.
  Tablas Creek Mourvëdre 2005 / Paso Robles
A grape not commonly produced as a single varietal, this effort just might make other wineries think again. A beautiful deep ruby red color unfolds into a jammy nose of plum, spice, and strong earthy tones. Solid tannins make for a slightly chewy mouth feel, giving way to a palate abundant with flavors of plum, currants and hints of leather. Savory earth tones of coffee, truffles set you down with a long, lingering mineral finish. A beautiful example of the Mourvedre characteristics. We recommend two bottles ñ one for now, one for the cellar. This will predictably age well.
  Tablas Creek Syrah 2005 / Paso Robles
A refined, lighter red, with an inviting dark purple hue and notes of pepper and dark fruit on the nose, this classic Syrah combines the sweet and savory at the hands of wine maker Neil Collins. Supple tannins make a round mouthfeel that leads to a dry, delicate finish, with lingering notes of spice. Easy to drink, you can count on this wine to come through with your quickly prepared steak and salad fare. Count on it to age well, and stock the cellar.
Windward Winery
Windward Winery 2006 Pinot Noir / Paso Robles
Hold this deep plum colored wine up to the light and savor the first sip to come, for this Burgundian style Pinot Noir so carefully nurtured every step of the way deserves to be savored. The complex bouquet of plum, cherry, spice and hints of truffles, cigars, laced gently with spicy notes of clove unfolds into a supple palate with firm structure. The tannins are firm with lingering notes of spice. Drink now, but buy for the cellar, for this wine will age well and will pair well with smoked meats, hearty roasts, deep flavorful cheeses, and wild game.

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