W I N E R Y & V I N E Y A R D

At the Four Sisters Ranch, wine maker Chris Legrandjacques works with family members Serena and Michael Friedman, parents of Sacheen, Elan, Toccara, and Sierra, the Four Sisters that were the inspiration of the winery. It was their love of family life that made them want to produce this loving tribute. The fact that they were passionate about wine made the end result of this tribute so magnificent.
"Our passion is wine. We call this wine our "River Cab" because we grow these grapes on the hillside banks of the Estrella River in Paso Robles, California. The temperature is cooler by the river and the growing season starts later in the year and is prolonged. This is the last area of the vineyard that we harvest. The extra time on the vine allows the grapes to fully mature to their exceptional flavor profile."

Since 1989, Serena and Michael have been growing grapes and producing bulk wine in Paso Robles for multiple well known wineries that distribute globally. "We take great care in every aspect of growing. From the initial planting through harvest, we carefully prune, irrigate, fertilize, thin and adjust the trellis and canopy to allow just the right amount of light and air to bring the grapes to their highest potential."

When tasting this wine, you will find a fruit forward experience with a long pleasant finish. It is bold, yet soft to the palate with hints of black arrant, black cherry, fresh cocoa, and a very slight vanilla. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have had the pleasure of producing it.

F E A T U R E D -W I N E ,S

2005 Syrah / Paso Robles
Hold this glass up to the sunlight and revel in the beautiful gem like hues. A light, highly drinkable wine with great legs make this Syrah a great compliment to warm summer evenings with friends. Its wall of floral nose with a hint of leather offers a dry, subtle fruit palate that builds to a lingering, balanced finish with a hint of spice. Grill up some salmon and enjoy, but this drinkable wine will go great with anything you've got going.


2005 Cabernet-Sauvignon / Paso Robles
A laidback and balanced wine make this Cabernet easy on the palate. It offers a sophisticated floral nose with hints of violet, black currants, cherries, chocolate, and yes, vanilla, that heightened this drinkerís curiosity. The wineís subtle tannins make for a light mouthful, and soft fruit flavors provide a pleasant hint of sweetness. A great wine to pair with lighter grilled meats, honey walnut prawns, or a braised lamb shank.

4 Sisters Ranch
6961 Estrella Road
San Miguel, CA 93451
Phone: 805.467.2417
Fax: 805.467.2417





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