It had been nearly a year since my last journey to Paso Robles, and the memories had faded, along with the heat as I made my way back up California's famous coast. The 27th Annual Paso Robles Wine Festival, the largest of its kind in California, drew me back. Held annually in downtown Paso Robles the third weekend of May, the Grand Tasting is quite the spectacle with 93 area wineries offering about 400 different samples of their latest vintages, a sea of some 500 wine devotees that come to celebrate their common love of wine, and local area chefs on-hand to demonstrate their culinary skills.

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Everyone in attendance is festive as they stroll throughout the park to a soundtrack of classic oldies; the most jovial even taking time out from the wine to dance with varying levels of grace. In my mind, it is tough to envision a more ideal afternoon. (read more)

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