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At Martin & Weyrich, dreams of Italy's Piemonte region are a driving force, and winemaker Craig Reed has been part of those dreams with the close knit Martin & Weyrich family for twenty years. Originally the Martin Brothers Winery since it's 1981 inception, the family owned winery has gone through several hand changes, bringing them to the current status of the Martin & Weyrich Winery. Growing Nebbiolo has become their infatuation, and it is truly a labor of love. Simply transplanting the grape from its home in the foothills of the Alps was an ordeal involving trips to Italy, a misidentified cutting from Mexico, and help from the University of California Davis. Once in the ground, Nebbiolo is exceptionally challenging to grow, but for Craig and owners David and Mary Weyrich, it has become the backbone of the winery and made them the top producer of Nebbiolo in North America. Three thousand cases are finding their way successfully into all 50 states.

To know the Nebiolo grape, is to fall in love with grapes all over again. It's lighter in color, light bodied looking, but not light," says Craig Reed. He goes on to explain the layering element. "There are layers of flavors. There are dark berries, wild berries, tobacco leaf, less fruit driven, more earth driven characteristics such as cigar box, cedar, layered, layered, layered. We tame the tannins, to make it more approachable for the American palate, but our reserve is more aged and more serious. It's a very dry wine. We call it the king of wines and the wine of kings," Craig concludes with a smile in his voice.

Muscato Allegro, however, is the staple of their growing wine empire. A 100,000 case a year winery, 70,000 of those cases can be attributed to Muscato Allegro. This was purely a demand of function says wine maker Craig Reed. "We started producing this in 92, and just did 500 cases at that time. We kept running out of it, even when it grew to 15K cases a year. Every time we double production, we just kept running out."

In fact, for those new to tasting this varietal, it is worth the effort to get a hold of it and give it a try. It's a sweet wine with 10% residual sugar but only 7% alcohol content. The high acidity balances out the sugars, so it doesn't have a clawing sweetness. The profile satisfies the health conscious due to its lower alcohol content and it's a good, crisp wine.

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F E A T U R E D -W I N E ,S

2003 Nebbiolo II Vecchio / Paso Robles
A distinctive, expressive wine worthy of notice. Itís bouquet of earth tones, smoke, and dark fruit unfold on the palate with an engaging complexity. Layers of cedar, cigar box, tobacco leaf give way to dark berries, plums and raspberries in the true Italian sense of this varietal. The palate is firm and savory and the finish lingers and unfolds, offering many edges to the last sip. Mild tannins make this the wine to place at both ends of the table when crafting that hearty Italian feast. If this is your first venture into Italian varietals, this will please, please, please. Aged in French Oak for 24 months, Wine maker Craig Reed has immersed himself in the Italian varietals, and leads the way.

Price: $22.00 a bottle

2003 Nebbiolo / Paso Robles
An earth driven bouquet greets the nose, yet this wine is much more delicate than the Nebbiolo Reserve. Aromas of cherry with floral notes are the difference here, and lighter tannins lend themselves to an easy mouth feel and a bright finish. Paired with bold marinara sauces and pestos ground from fresh basil right out of the garden, this Italian varietal is crafted right here in Paso Robles by talented wine maker Craig Reed.


Price: $18.00 a bottle

2006 Pinot Grigio / Paso Robles
Think fresh, light and crisp with a bright fruit forward bouquet of fresh figs, pears and citrus. The palate has a subtle hint of tartness and a well balanced acidity that leads to a clean, refreshing finish. This oh so drinkable wine is perfect for a summer dinner party, especially when paired with a prosciutto and melon appetizer.


Price: $15.00 a bottle

2006 Pinot Noir / Paso Robles
A fruit forward Pinot that truly caters to a crowd. An exquisite dark red color with the edges of a warm sunset give this wine an enticing hue. Subtle cherry notes on the nose are pleasant and refreshing, and the subtle tannins make this wine highly drinkable. The balanced finish is dry yet smooth. A great table wine to be framed with many platters of food and warm laughter. Pass the bottle, please!

Price: $30.00 a bottle

2004 Sangiovese II Palio / Paso Robles
The varietal character and richness shines through with scents of cherry and leather, yet the palate is supple and lighter than the aromas would indicate. Earthy tones surround the dark fruit flavors that are well balanced and spicy. The finish is superb, a fine balance of smooth and dry. This is meant to be a hearty companion to an Italian feast, and we made sure by tasting with our own sausage lasagna and rich 5 Italian cheese raviolis with a freshly ground pesto sauce. MMmmmmm. Just to be sure, we tested it twice!

Price: $16.00 a bottle

2003 Cabernet Sauvignon Etrusco / Paso Robles
A tasteful blend of 85% Cabernet and 15% Sangiovese make this a superb wine. This understated Tuscan blend hits the mark with its marriage of the dark rich fruit flavors of the Cabernet, and the brighter red berry characteristic of the Sangiovese. The full nose bouquet and the endless bottom belies the simplicity of the blend. The mouthfeel is rich, well-balanced, supple and smooth, yet the finish still retains a pleasing hint of dryness. An incredibly fine wine overall. Pairs exquisitely with tomato based dishes and pastas in general. Makes a great impression sitting on the table, too !

Price: $22.00 a bottle

2006 Moscato Allegro / Paso Robles
A warm, apricot nose offering a full floral bouquet, this dry, smooth white wine is perfect as an after dinner drink, or with dessert. Fermented at very cold temperatures, this 7% alcoholic content wine pleases with intense flavor without the hangover. Wine maker Craig Reed has developed a following for this one, producing over 70,000 cases a year. Well balanced acids keep it dry on the palate, and fresh in the glass. If you've been looking for just the right wine to finish the meal with, this is a must try!

Price: $28.00 a bottle

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