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For other wineries, their visions rested to Italy ís west in the rich tradition of France. Rhone wines require limestone soil that is very rocky. Bordeaux soil is composed of gravel, sandy stone, and clay, but the extraordinary terroire of Paso Robles west side offers both sets of conditions. Halter Ranch is one vineyard taking advantage of the soils to bring a bit of France to California with Rhone and Bordeaux style wines. The ranch sits on a 900-acre parcel of land with a history dating back to the 1880's. Vines take up 245 acres, while a tourist site consisting of a wine tasting room, barnyards, and another tasting room in the back. While the winery is a fairly new addition, they still strive to keep the spirit of old California alive on this historic ranch with historic buildings. Their 100+ year old ancient oak tree recognized by the American Forestry Association stands as the pride of their vineyard, and a testimony to their sustainable practices employed on their vineyard. "We have 19 grape varieties planted in 48 separate vineyard blocks delineated primarily based on soil types, which range from calcareous clay to clay loam with shale and sandstone deposits. Sixty percent are Bordeaux varieties and 40% Rhone varieties, plus Zinfandel and Tannat." Says Leslie Wyss, general manager of the winery. "Our emphasis on quality in the vineyard is complemented by our commitment to environmentally responsible grape-growing practices. Farming sustainably means relying whenever possible on organic methods of fertilization, weed removal, pest control and mildew protection. Sustainable farming not only respects and protects the land and the people who work it, it also results in wines that more eloquently express their provenance."

Thereís a spirit here that people can feel.

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F E A T U R E D -W I N E ,S

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon / Paso Robles
A laid back nose with a strong body, this dark, complex cabernet has a sophisticated nose of currants and ripe blackberries. Overtones of chocolate, olives, and hints of oak help to integrate all the flavors in a rich mouth fill with deep tannins. The long finish keeps you coming back for more. Designed to age well, this wine is perfect for aging over the next decade.


Price: $28.00 a bottle

2004 Ancestor / Paso Robles
Drink this Estate Reserve Cabernet blended with Petit Verdot, Merlot, Malbec and Syrah and feel the connection to a rich history with hints of mellow old vines. This vintage Bordeaux style blend has already been softened by two years in the bottle. Ancestor is a complex and sophisticated nose of rich cassis and blackberry fruit. Combine that further with the legacy of its wide open surroundings: bark of the cedar tree, tobacco leaf, surrounding berry bushes. The almost jammy intensity of the blackberries is balanced by the young tannins. Don't be afraid to hold on to a bottle for at least a decade, as this wine was made with a respect for aging. Named after the ancient Coast Live Oak tree that sits center stage on the Halter Ranch Estate, this venerable tree represents all that is sacred to them. It is their ancestor. Only 400 cases produced.

Price: $28.00 a bottle

2005 Syrah / Paso Robles
Close your eyes and picture the steep cliffs of the Northern Rhone, and then swirl your first glass of Halter Ranch Syrah, blended ever-so-lightly with the Mourvedre and Malbec grapes. Your first sip shall transport you to an out-of-California experience, yet everything is grown right here in the Paso Robles region, by winemakers specializing in the Rhone Valley experience. Smokey plums and cassis aromas are accented with rich mocha and hints of licorice. A lush mouth feel is enhanced by just enough acidity to bring out brightness and zest. A very hearty red with lots of tannins, pair with your boldest barbeque and grilled fare. Guaranteed to age well over time.

Price: $28.00 a bottle

Halter Ranch Vineyard
8910 Adelaida Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Phone: 805-226-9455
Toll Free: 888-367-9977
Fax: 805-226-9668





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