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One story of passion comes from AronHill Vineyard. Some ten years back, Judy Aron and her husband came to Paso Robles with a resolve to produce great wine. They located on a beautiful hillside in West Templeton, one of the premier spots in Paso Robles. All in all, they planted on 8 of their 13 acres, and quickly expanded their team to incorporate noted wine maker Richard Sauret. Together, they employ their skill and their fervor to manage the challenges of growing. Primitivo and Cabernets have become their babies, and their lust for quality dessert wines is unbridled. The free spirit and passion that drive them to strive for such quality in their wine is captured perfectly in the images of galloping horses that grace the winery's labels.

"The key thing is that the fruit is grown on the west side," says owner Judy Aron.
"The West side is premium. The leaves are pulled, the air circulates, everything to get that brix level up. We go for low yields. We never wanted to produce anything we wouldn't want to drink ourselves. Our wines are very fruit forward. I have drip in, we water if we have to. Otherwise, the roots go down and find the water. Judy pauses and reflects over the challenges of getting the winery established. It's a hard vineyard to manage.

The coastal fog is good that comes in- we're last to prune, last to harvest - we were picking in the rain last year she laughs, while remembering. A few more rows to go, and the crew walked out on me. I kept watching the sky to see if it was going to continue raining. So six of us were picking. I'll never forget it."

- Tasting room in Morrow Bay
- Tasting at the Vineyard by appointment only
- Wine reviews

F E A T U R E D -W I N E ,S

2005 Cabernet Sauvignon / Paso Robles
This estate grown cabernet greets you with a heady nose with hints of cherry and raspberries. Very smooth, this well aged cab with gentle oak overtones does not disappoint with its subtle tannins and hints of pepper. A delightful and drinkable cab that ís bold enough to stand up to a steak. It definitely stood up to ours.


Price: $34.00 a bottle

2005 Primitivo / Paso Robles
This estate grown varietal imparts a zesty, bold first sip that mellows into a well balanced bright and smooth wine with a medium full body. Gentle nose with subtle hints of blackberry and raspberry make it a perfect accompaniment to a barbecued steak dinner hot off the grill. This wine has a strong center with nice tannins that cleans the tongue without the bite. Buy a bottle for now, and a bottle for much later, as this has all the qualities for a wine to age well.

Price: $29.00 a bottle

2005 Quatre Melanges / Paso Robles
A positive forward floral nose with subtle hints of cherry, blackberries and oak gives this dashing wine a very good first impression. Take a nice long sip and feel the tingle on the tongue as the fruit continues to unfold. The excellent balance and finesse make this seamless blend of Petite Syrah, Zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot a perfectly versatile wine to pair with your juicy thick steaks, or hearty Italian meals. Flavor is the key here, and your carefully prepared dinners will never be overshadowed with this seamless blend of estate grown grapes carefully blended for balance and longevity.

Price: $24.00 a bottle

2005 Vinho Doce / Paso Robles
This fresh warm port nose is the prize conclusion to a wonderful meal with friends. Sip slowly and swirl, as the subtle fruit flavors warm the palette and open the soul, never smother. Boasting a blend of 3 Portuguese varietals and one syrah, its smooth velvety finish pairs wonderfully with a rich, chocolate bite or a selection of triple creamy cheeses to while away the evening. Keep an extra bottle on hand for those special moments when you really want to extend the magical feel to a wonderful evening. It pleases every time.

Price: $29.00 a bottle

2006 Sauvignon Blanc / Paso Robles
Chill this light blonde sauvignon blanc to serve mid day during the hot but never lazy summer days to come. Crisp and tart with hints of citrus, pear and acres of green grapes and grass, this delicate and fragrant white will pair easily with salads, Asian food, cheeses and seafood. Drinkable, drinkable, drinkable are the three important words here, as the winemaker's love of wide open spaces and free galloping horses converges into a single bottle of romance ready to be broken open with favorite staples seasoned with spices used the world over in Chinese, Thai, Indian and even Mexican food dishes. We recommend two chilled bottles and no switching.

Price: $34.00 a bottle

AronHill Vineyards
2500 Vineyard Drive
Templeton, CA 93465
(805) 610-5751





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