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Gary Eberle of Eberle Vineyards, has a somewhat similar story to Bianchi Vineyards. In 1973, he started out working for Estrella River Winery (now Meridian Vineyards) where they produced 500,000 cases of wine a year. By 1982, he was ready to start up his own winery, focusing in on smaller lots and higher quality. With three different vineyards, in three distinct growing conditions, Eberle can nurture a wide variety of varietals and is determined to make quality wine from all of them. Producing over 12 different varietals in small lots of 5 ñ 10 tons each, Eberle was able to capture the growing conditions necessary to producing exquisite cabs, chardonnays, syrahs and zins but even more interesting, he was able to capture the diverse conditions needed for sanviovese, and then again, for viogner and other Rhone varietals. Garyís commitment to quality means that only 30,000 cases come out of the winery each year, with their flagship wines being available throughout the United States, and their smaller lot production wines being available in the wine tasting room only. To expand the volume of the winery, the grapes would have to be grown off site, and he, along with winemaker Ben Mayo, would quit before that occurred. He would never give up his vision of high quality wines.

One area in which he continues to expand, is his visitor center, where a beautiful tasting room overlooks the winery, and a 16,000 square foot wine cave lives underground to properly age their exquisite wines, and serves as host to their monthly wine maker dinners that continue to book up

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F E A T U R E D -W I N E ,S

2006 Zinfandel, Steinbeck-Wine Bush / Paso Robles
A deep, jammy nose with a fruit forward palate and exceptional color take away your breath on this first sip. Ripe blackberries, tart cherries, prunes, and a peppery finish unfold into a complex finish with hints of floral surrounded by an absorbing mineral and earthy edge. Well balanced and elegant, trust this wine to work with your carefully and lovingly prepared main dishes with rich sauces. We paired with barbecued ribs slow smoked in a whisky sauce for 8 hours, but Beef Wellington will work also.

Price: $24.00 a bottle

2007 Estate Chardonnay / Paso Robles
A beautiful golden hue greets the eye, as the dense fruit flavors make for an aroma worthy of lingering. A tart first sip greets the palate and quickly unfolds into a flow of pear, apples, pineapple and green apple, rounded out by a touch of vanilla and caramel. Very well balanced, offering the perfect accompaniment to barbecued chicken, raw oysters, spicy food and pasta alfredo with freshly steamed clams.

Price: $18.00 a bottle

2006 Barbera / Paso Robles
A beautiful deep ruby red edged with light garnet hues greets the eye and invites your senses to relax, and take that first sip. This is an elegant wine, that takes you back to its Italian roots. The sweet grassy profile of Piemonte is captured here in the Steinbeck section of the Eberle winery, offering a smooth palate with soft tannins and well balanced, but bright acidity. Ripe raspberry, cherry, blackberries with truffles and other earthy notes make a warm, lingering, fruitful finish worthy of this wineryís creation. Pair with barbecued quail and an Asian slaw. Only 928 cases produced.

Price: $22.00 a bottle

2007 Mill Road Viognier / Paso Robles
A dense floral bouquet of honeysuckle and apricot with gentle edges of melon, peach and ripe figs.†A long, dry finish with lingering spicy notes. Perfect for a spicy Thai or Chinese dish, or a very drinkable wine all by itself as the warm summer days become a prelude to the cooling fall days to come.

Price: $20.00 a bottle

2007 Syrah Rosè / Paso Robles
Dense fruit flavor greets the nose with bright strawberry, green apple and raspberry flavors. A full flavored, dry rose with bright acidities and a neutral oak finish. This is a light wine that drinks like a red, and should be paired with gently spiced dishes to bring out the unique characteristics of the wine. We paired with barbecued turkey, and a savory corn, heirloom tomato, fresh pea and basil salsa. Mmmmm. Only 628 cases produced.

Price: $16.00 a bottle

2005 Syrah / Paso Robles - Steinbeck Vineyard
The traditional flavors of the syrah grape are captured here, with the deep, elegant dark fruit hue that only ripe black berries, cherries and even blue berries create. Itís depth and complex bold structure greets the palate with a beautiful crisp nose of rich fruity berry, ripe plums and freshly cracked pepper. Smooth on the palate with fruity hints and a subtle tart finish and tight, subtle tannins. Grown and harvested from the Steinbeck vineyard lot, this wine is the careful creation of a beautiful wine aged in both American and French oak barrels. A rhone style syrah with the structure to age well in the cellar. Buy one for now, one for the cellar, this is a wonderful wine.Bring it out with that wonderful holiday fare that fills the table and is part of the memory. Fifteen hundred cases made. GREAT WINE

Price: $20.00 a bottle

2006 Cotes-du-Rùbles / Paso Robles
A luscious, deep purple hue and an intense, deeply packed fruit forward aroma of dark berries, cherries and earthy minerals make this classic Cotes du Robles a noteworthy addition to the Eberle Winery. Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenach and Viognier, all separately harvested in small lots throughout 4 different vineyard lots, were carefully nurtured to bring you one of Eberleís signature wines. Complex layers of rich fruit flavors with notes of mushrooms, truffles, leather, cigar box, with an oaky finish and hints of vanilla. An easy to pair wine, will go well with that Sunday sit down meal with friends around the table and plenty of laughter.

Price: $20.00 a bottle

2007 Estate Muscat Canelli / Paso Robles
This estate grown Muscat Canelli is a beautiful, light golden color with intense floral aromas of orange blossoms, honey suckle, and sweet melons. Citrus tones blend well with orchard inspired sweetness, offering a well balanced dessert wine low in alcohol content. Easy to drink, this well crafted wine offers a crisp, long finish, making this the perfect wine to serve after dinner with cheese cake, crËme brule, soft cheeses, or a chocolate cake. A staple of the Eberle Winery, 1500 cases produced.

Price: $14.00 a bottle

3810 Highway 46 East6
Paso Robles, Ca 93446
805 238 9607





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