Dining Detectives: Enriqueís Mexican Restaurant

We have had lots of fun dining at both the old and new Enriqueís Mexican Restaurant in Kuna over the past 5 years and were pleased to attend Enriqueís sold out 1st Tequila Tasting Dinner with Herradura. Their Casa 1884 Banquet Room features comfortable soft grey suede chairs and tables built by Enrique. It seats 50 and was filled with a happy crowd who wanted to know more about Tequila and enjoy dinner with like-minded old and soon to be new friends. We do enjoy tasting dinners as the restaurant always features their best cuisine paired with a selection of beverages. Weíve been to Wine, Scotch and Tequila Tasting Dinners over the years and found that Tequila Dinners tend to draw a more fun crowd.

Restaurateurs Enrique Contreras and Ana Paz have been serving traditional Mexican cuisine made with family recipes since 1998. In 2018 they realized one of their dreams when they moved into their new beautiful 12,000 sq. ft. restaurant a few minutes from the original location. We love the modern dÈcor which features a very stylish bar, private Tequila lockers and fantastic photos of Mexican Celebrities on the walls. There are large dining rooms, banquet rooms, an inviting communal table and Patio seating in season overlooking Indian Creek which features a Stone Fire Pit with blue glass. Enriqueís is well known having won The Best of the Treasure Valley Mexican Restaurant Award.

Enrique (r) and Eric (l)

The Presentation for the evening was led by the knowledgeable and affable Spirits Aficionado Eric Carr from Youngís Market the local Liquor Distributor. He started out by telling us about Tequila and Herraduraís storied history while we sipped on tasty Margaritas which were perfect since it was National Margarita Day! Herradura started producing Tequila in 1870 and the Horseshoe on the bottle when poured turns right side up for Good Luck.

We learned that as with other Appellation specific beverages that if it is not from the Jalisco region of Mexico and a few nearby areas it canít be called Tequila. Tequila is aged in old Jack Daniels Barrels and it takes 7-9 years for the Blue Agave plant to mature to make Tequila. A common misconception is that Tequila has a worm in the bottle but that is actually Mezcal that has the worm. A good point about glassware was brought out as it was noted that Riedel Tequila glasses were the preferred glassware for more expensive Tequila drinking.


We then began our dinner with starters. Our Aperitivo was a spicy Mexican Shrimp Cocktail which had some kick to it. The Ensalada, a Spinach & Strawberry Salad, was lightly dressed and tasty as well.
Our Plato Principal was served Buffet style. When we returned with our main course we found to our delight another Margarita had been served. Dinner was fresh and delicious. We loved the Carne Asada which was long thinly sliced steak that was spiced and cooked perfectly. The Pollo Poblano was tender, juicy Chicken in Poblano Cream Sauce and the Puerco Mixiote was delicious roasted thick chunks of pork tenderloin cooked in Mixiote leaves. Rice, Beans, Roasted Corn, Chips and Salsa were also included with dinner. The roasted corn was especially tasty. Before we had our Postre which was a quite light delicious Cheesecake we began our tasting. Buzz Buttons were offered as Palate cleansers then we proceeded to our four Herradura Tequila Tastes.


Our first taste was the Herradura Silver which is aged by natural fermentation for only 40 days. It had a clean and crisp taste and a subtle agave aroma. Next, we tasted the Herradura Reposado which is aged for 11 months. To our surprise this was our favorite even though we normally prefer Anejos. It was very smooth and offered dry spice and wood aromas and a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. The Herradura Anejo was next and it is aged for 12 months and offered oak and nut aromas. We finished with Herradura Ultra Anejo which is aged for 25 months offering a very smooth tropical fruit aroma and clean herbaceous slightly sweet finish.

There was an optional taste offered, a very special Herradura Selection Suprema which is aged for 48 months and sells for over $300 per bottle and $40 a pour. Our friends from the Las Vegas Tequila Patrol told us to ask for the 1998 Herradura Blanco 46, which is only sold in Mexico and quite rare here in the U. S. but it was unavailable. We will taste it next time we are in Las Vegas as our pal has a bottle stashed for special occasions. We must also one day travel on The Agave Express which we are told is a great way to visit Tequila Casas in Mexico.


We had a fantastic time at Enriqueís Tequila Tasting Dinner and were advised that there would be more Dining and Tasting Events soon. The next would feature Patron Tequila. Enriqueís Mexican Restaurant has a new location, fabulous dÈcor, Tequila Lockers, exceptional Tequila Selection and excellent Mexican Cuisine. We look forward to returning soon for Margaritas and the Guacamole which is made table side.

Enriqueís Mexican Restaurant
345 N. Avenue E
Kuna, Idaho 83634

Open 7 Days
Banquet Rooms Available
Weekend Brunch Buffets
On-line and Take Out Ordering
Catering Available
Tequila Lockers Available in Tequila Room


By Carol & Joe Davis
Dining Detectives


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