New Brunch at Eureka! In Santa Barbara

Eureka! In Santa Barbara, a favorite haunt for the Burger & Beer crowd, located in Passe Nuevo Shopping Center is now serving brunch, and I stopped by to check out the new menu. Wow! What a fun surprise - the menu is loaded with great and imaginative items from a perfect Avocado Toast to a simply decadent Fried Chicken with corn bread. I can't wait to call friends and ask them to 'do brunch' at Eureka!

Eureka! In Santa Barbara

The Avocado Toast was loaded with fresh avocado, diced tomatoes, watermelon radish, sliced perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs, and covered with chimichurri sauce. This is a picture perfect presented dish that comes with a fresh fruit side. The Fried Chicken was finger lickin' good, and included jalapeno infused maple glaze with bacon chips and butter on one of the best corn bread I've tasted. It's a sinfully delicious way to enjoy a Sunday!

Fried Chicken with Corn Bread

Brunch cocktails included a Bloody Mary that could have been lunch. It comes in mild or hot and is filled with celery, fried bacon strip, olives, and peppers. Just amazing in every way! The sparkling Mimosa is served in a stemless flute. They both pair well with an appetizer of chips and a sweet mango salsa. Yes, they do serve a few divine desserts that will destroy anyone's diet, but it's brunch, and they are happy to bring two spoons for sharing.

Bloody Mary with Bacon & Celery

I was pleased to meet the new GM at Eureka! Santa Barbara Michael Kennedy, as well as the outgoing GM John Cosgrove who will be starting next week at Eureka! Seattle U Village. Eureka! has great employees who really try to please. John Cosgrove shared how excited he was to be going to the Seattle venue, but was sad to leave beautiful Santa Barbara.

John Cosgrove & Michael Kennedy, Euerka! GM's

Eureka! Santa Barbara is a neighborhood place where friends meet to chat or watch a game over lunch or dinner. It's nice to know that now patrons can enjoy a delicious brunch before a movie or after hitting all the sales at Paseo Nuevo. Welcome to the 'do brunch' bunch who will love this innovative new menu. Please note that the Eureka! Brunch is also being served at the following locations: Woodland Hills, Mountain View, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Dallas, Cupertino, Concord, Boulder, Boise, and Austin.

601 Paseo Nuevo
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 618-3388

By Bonnie Carroll

About Bonnie Carroll
Bonnie Carroll has been a food/travel/lifestyle writer since 1983. She is the founder & publisher of Bonnie Carroll's Life Bites News -, does travel and food reporting on KZSB1290 radio, and contributes to a variety of national and international travel/lifestyle publications. Her first children's book C.C. Charles was published in 2002 and she is currently working on a second book. Contact her at Contact her at


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