Consultant, Author, Traveller, Chef Stephan Pyles
Dallas, Texas
Chef Michael Quigley
Café Lolo
Santa Rosa, CA
Executive Chef Sigg Rainer
The Adlon Hotel
Berlin, Germany
Chef Toni Robertson
Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa,
Sonoma, CA
Executive Chef Gary Roth
Los Altos Country Club
Los Altos, CA
Executive Chef Yoichi Saito
Roy’s Restaurant
Pebble Beach, CA
Chef Jefferson Seay
The Fishwife
Pacific Grove, CA
Chef Deborah Scheider
The Grant Grill at the U.S. Grant Hotel
San Diego, CA
Chef Reiner Schmidt
Luxe Summit Hotel
Bel Air, CA
Executive Chef Erin Shaw
Legion of Honor Museum
San Francisco, CA
Chef John Sheilds
Coastal Ventures
Baltimore, MA
Executive Chef Josh Silver
Syrah Restaurant
Santa Rosa, CA
Chef / Author Nina Simonds
“A Taste of Ginger”
Salem, MA
Executive Chef Douglass Sisk
The Sardine Factory
Monterey, CA
Chef Stephen Smith
Albion River Inn
Albion, CA

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