Food & Beverage International used the expertise and imagination of Executive Chef John Kane from San Fransisco's University Club and Executive Chef Gary Roth from the Los Altos Country Club to step
outside the boundaries of traditional recipes and create
a whole new look for Wild Mushrooms.

Gallery of Mushrooms

For a complete gallery of the mushrooms used in this article,
visit our web site at www.fbworld.com and click on the Food Button,
then look for the Gallery of Mushrooms.

Starting with the orange mushroom known as the
Golden Chanterelle (Canthraellus Cibarius) and moving counter clockwise,
Alba Pioppini (Hypsizygus Marmoreus) or Alba Clam Shells
(as trademarked by Gourmet Mushroom, Inc),
Shiitake Buttons (Lentinus Edodes) and Porcini (Boletus Edulis).


Wild Mushrooms and CulinArte'

Cooking with wild mushrooms starts with great ingredients. The large selection of wild mushrooms available are as easy to work with as the traditional two or three varietials you have come to know throughout your years as a home or professional chef. Executive Chefs John Kane and Gary Roth explore the different looks and tastes obtained with the versatility of wild mushrooms.

CulinArt' produces pure reductions in chicken, fish, lamb, veal, duck, pork and vegetable (Mirepoix) and was our discovery for this photo shoot. We used it in almost every recipe. The finished product relies completely on the reduction itself, and never uses any extract, salt, or artificial preservatives. ““We leave seasoning completely up to the chef." Says CulinArt' Executive Chef Thomas Sausen. "And we always have someone on hand to help out and answer any questions you might have in using the product for the first time."

"We roast 72,000 lbs of bones a week, and we concentrate on only one species per week, so as not to confuse the flavors," says CulinArt' owner and founder Ed Driscoll." In fact, we have 14,300 gallon kettles going all the time. It smells great in here!"

"This was my first time working with CulinArt'," says San Francisco's University Club Executive Chef John Kane, "but it won't be my last. It's pure, and a no-brainer. All CulinArt' did was save me the first couple of steps of roasting and simmering the bones, and then reducing it nice and thick, waiting for me to dilute it any way I like."

These easy to follow recipes are included in the Composed Soup Recipes.*See recipe links below.

CulinArt' Recipes

Simple Mirepoix Stock

Mushroom Broth

Complete Gallery of Mushroom Recipes
(click here)


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