New Dewar's Whisky Aged in Rum Casks
By FBWorld Team

DEWAR'S® Scotch Whisky, the world's most awarded blended scotch whisky, announces today the highly anticipated launch of DEWAR'S Caribbean Smooth: Dewar's 8 year-old double-aged Scotch, finished in Caribbean rum casks for a tropical smooth finish. The first in a new cask-finished series of whisky, Caribbean Smooth brings together the best of two worlds - Scotland and the Caribbean - in a lighthearted blend of unexpected cultures and flavors.

"We've blended up to 40 single malts and grain whiskies that have laid in casks for at least 8 years, double aged the blend to ensure our distinctive extra smooth Dewar's profile, and then finished in ex-Caribbean Rum casks for a period of around 6 months," says Brian Cox, Vice President, DEWAR's Scotch Whisky, North America. "The rum casks were sourced straight from the Caribbean and brought to our ageing warehouses in Glasgow to be filled with our flavorful 8-year-old blend. The first in a series of double-aged cask finishes, DEWAR'S will continue to bring these new and exciting flavor profiles to a broader market in order to drive renewed interest in our brand, and thereby the whisky category."

Breaking with the traditional conventions of whisk(e)y, DEWAR'S Caribbean Smooth's 8-year-old rum cask finish has a flavor profile offering brown spirit drinkers what they've been looking for - flexibility. "With its remarkable versatility and unique flavor profile - which features subtle notes of apple, caramel, and biscuity cereal that slips into dark brown sugar and tropical fruit - Caribbean Smooth is the perfect spirit to enjoy neat or in a variety of highball recipes that pair particularly well for epicurean gatherings," says Stephanie Macleod, Master Blender for DEWAR's. While age statements for sprits are not the be all, they are important for scotch whiskies because maturity and aging counts when looking for smooth, refined flavor experiences.

Perfect neat, or in a Highball, the flavor profile and versatility of DEWAR'S Caribbean Smooth 8-year-old rum cask finish offers a great alternative to beer and wine for food pairings. Signature serves include The Coconut Highball, which reimagines the classic highball with a refreshing blend of coconut and citrus flavors, as well as The Cask to Colada that includes Caribbean Smooth, fresh pineapple juice, vanilla sugar and coconut water.

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