Low, Low Prices! Sustainable Practices in All Buying Decisions!
Quality Beef, Seafood and Produce!


Restaurateurs and caterers who are looking for competitive pricing and corporate responsibility all in one package, welcome to Restaurant Depot. There, discriminating chefs and restaurant owners select quality meat, produce and locally purchased seafood along with anything else they need without the premium price tag. "Restaurant Depot has no cookie cutter approach to serving customers," says Marketing Director Jim Kohler, a 25 year veteran with the company headquartered in Queens, New York. "Our buyers source inventory on an as-needed basis, and the company's Always Fresh philosophy has really paid off in customer loyalty."

With 52 locations dotting the landscape of United States and 10 more slated to open by the end of 2007, this unique formula for discount foodservice shopping is designed to help independent foodservice operators cut their food and equipment costs.

Signature Beef Program
Superior Angus Beef, available only at Restaurant Depot, is selected from a few ranchers from America's heartland. A producer affidavit identifies strict standards that must be met for cattle to qualify for the Superior Angus program. The affidavit documents Angus characteristics, maturity, and feeding practices to guarantee top quality cattle, which will deliver consistently superior beef. This confirms the Superior Angus Beef cattle exhibit Angus characteristics, are corn fed a minimum of 100 days with Vitamin E supplements, and are at 30 months maturity or less. Additionally, Superior Angus Beef is produced in one plant, minimizing grading inconsistencies.

Sustainable Seafood Program
Buyers at each of the Restaurant Depots source their own seafood, tailoring their buying needs to the operators that shop there. A sensitive balance between disappearing species and the best of fresh farmed seafood is maintained, making available to operators the freshest quality seafood.

By selling quality products at a reasonable price, Restaurant Depot has built a loyal customer constituency across the US.



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Low, Low Prices! Sustainable Practices in All Buying Decisions!
Quality Beef, Seafood and Produce!

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