Las Casas Famous White Wings™
By Chef Matt Martinez, Matt’s No Place, TX

Made with:
Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon

Makes Approximately 16

4 - 8 oz Chicken Breast
32 Slices 18-22 Count Thin Sliced Applewood Smoked Bacon
1 lb. Monterrey Jack Cheese
16 Slices Pickled Jalapeños

Cut each chicken breast into 4 strips, approximately 2 oz. each. Cut the Monterey Jack into 1 oz. cubes. Place cubed cheese into center of each chicken strip, adding in one sliced jalapeño.

Take 1 slice of bacon and wrap around chicken, forming a ball. Then take another piece of bacon and go the opposite way, wrapping tightly. Either tuck the bacon into the chicken, securing tightly, or use a toothpick to hold in place. Once all the chicken strips have been prepared, place them on a grill over medium heat and cook for 20-30 minutes. Be sure to constantly rotate each chicken wing to ensure all the bacon and chicken is thoroughly cooked. The cheese will start to ooze and the bacon will be crispy when they are done.

Serve with flour tortillas, salsa, sour cream and/or pico de gallo. (Hint: You can speed up the cooking process by blanching in a fryer first.)

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