Paella Codornices en Hoja de Parra
(Quails wrapped in Grape Leaves & Pancetta)
By Chef Edward Pizzuti, Cafe Giostra, Brando's, Petaluma, CA

Made with:
Lundberg Family Farms Wild Rice Blend

1 pkg Wild Rice Blend
2 oz. Olive Oil
1/2 Small Yellow Onion (chopped, diced)
4 oz. Oyster Mushrooms
I tbls. Garlic (minced)
1 Ripe Tomato (diced)
I tspn. Fresh Thyme
32 oz. Chicken Stock
8 oz. Chicken Stock
4 Quails (boned)
8 grape leaves
8 Slices Pancetta or Lean Bacon
2 oz. Aged Balsamic Vinegar
1 lb. Choriza or Bilba
1 lb. Fresh Peas
6 Bell Peppers (diced)

Prepare the Rice:
Sauté onions in olive oil, add the rinsed, but uncooked Lundberg Family Farms Wild Rice Blend to the sauté, toss it, add the chicken stock until it covers the rice, (takes about a quart of chicken stock). Bring to a boil, lower the heat, and let the rice absorb the stock. Add up to another cup of stock as needed. By the time it absorbs all of it, it will be cooked. Let simmer, and then taste it. If not right, add more stock, until it has an al dente, or slightly undercooked texture. Set aside.

Prepare the Quail:
Take a boned quail. Wash and pat dry. Salt and pepper inside and out. Take the preserved grape leaves, the ones the Greeks use a lot, and wrap each half of the quail with two leaves. Then, you put two pancetta strips, or lean bacon, uncooked, and that leaves the leaves in place. Sauté the whole thing together. Cook all the way through. Use a little white wine to deglaze. Finish in the oven, or the pan, but cook all the way through  they kind of puff up. Now assemble.

Prepare The Paella:
Take a 14 inch paella pan, perfect for a service of four. Now infuse the rice with olive oil, more onions, oyster mushrooms, and a TBSP of fresh, minced garlic. Put cooked rice into the paella, toss it. Add Choriza (optional), or Bilboa (a type of spanish choriza, semi aged). Cut up in strips, add in same time more onions, optional. Toss it. Add chicken stock, for moisture. Bind the whole thing; place 4 quails on top of rice. Cover it, finish off in oven, approximately ten minutes at 475 degrees fahrenheit, or cook it stove top with a medium heat, 8 -10 minutes, until all liquid is evaporated.

Put in center of table and self serve.

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Paella Codornices en Hoja de Parra
(Quails wrapped in grape leaves and pancetta)

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