Cork as a Sustainable Managed Resource
No tree was harmed in the production of this all natural closure.

When you pull the cork out of your favorite wine bottle, do you picture the forests in Portugal that supplied that cork? Read how the Portugese culture of cork harvesting has been sustaining its inhabitants for hundreds of years while protecting the environment. (Read More)

Green Bottles Hit Europe (Read More)

Cork History, Production, TCA Issues & Solutions
(Read More)

Excessive Copper in Screw Capped Wine Bottles 
A German company rejected a 4,000 bottle shipment of New Zealand Pinot Noir because, at 26 ppm, it contained excessive levels of copper sulphate.
(Read More)


Quinta Nova Winery and Hotel Rural Quinta Nova (Read More)

Quinta de Crasto Winery
(Read More)

Cheers to Willamette Valley Vineyards: Oregon-based Winery First to Use Certified Sustainable Cork Stoppers (Read More)

The Fresh Local Catch of Portugal Brings Unique Surprises (Read More)

Amorim & Irmãos, S.A., Portugal's Cork Company (Read More)

Napa Valley Vintners in Paris (Read More)

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