NOVEMBER 3, 2010

Highlights of the 2010 general election results

The general election results showed that California was shielded from the Republican wave that swept the rest of the country. Jerry' Brown's win and the approval of Proposition 25, which lowers the vote needed to pass a budget to a simple majority, arguably further erodes Republicans' influence at the Capitol. Furthermore, while it may be too close to call at time of reporting, the Assembly composition will most likely change to 52 Democrats to 28 Republicans if the Democrats prevail in picking up Assembly District 5 which has been a Republican seat. Pre-election, the Assembly composition was 51 Democrats (this includes 1 Independent who tended to vote Democratic) to 29 Republicans.

However, at least the California Senate will likely remain 25 Democrats to 15 Republicans. Senate District 12 was a highly competitive race that was a priority for Senate Democrats; if they prevailed, it would have brought the Senate Democrats only one vote away from a super-majority. Carly Fiorina's loss to U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer was a big blow, but nationally, Republicans are happy as they've made tremendous strides overall by winning back the majority in the House of Representatives and several Governorships. In California, Republicans were able to keep the contested Congressional District 3 seat held by incumbent Congressman Dan Lungren. While it's still too close to call at time of reporting, Congressional District 11 held by Democrat Jerry McNerney may go to Republican candidate David Harmer.

Good news includes the passage of Proposition 26 which requires certain state and local fees (hidden taxes) be passed by a two-thirds vote. Furthermore, with the rejection of Proposition 27 and the passage of Proposition 20, legislative and congressional lines will not be drawn by politicians.

The results of the general election are a game changer for California. What Jerry Brown does in office will have a tremendous effect on our industry and overall, will set the stage for the next decade. Please see attached for full results of California statewide offices, initiatives and legislative races.*

_* The reported results above and attached are as of November 3 at 9:31 a.m. (PST). These figures reflect between 82% to 100% of precincts partially or fully reporting.

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