Michael Walsh
CEO, Publisher

Mike is a producer, writer and photographer who embraces the breadth of the word entrepreneur. He grew up on a dairy farm in Ogden,Utah and went on to join the Army. He served in Germany and later Vietnam where his valor was rewarded by numerous commendations including the purple heart, bronze star and silver star.

As Sales Manager for Nintendo he helped introduce America to Donkey Kong. Then, as Founder and President of a Denver based music publishing and management company, he represented diverse acts nationally and eventually launched his own record label, Rock Hard Productions. As Marketing Director for Harmon’s Grocery Stores, he developed powerful in-store cross-merchandising programs that included Toy Wars, and The World’s Largest Chocolate Chip Cookie, utilizing in store mediums, such as grocery bags, and in store television. This eventually spun off into his own company which he later sold, called Grocery Bag News. Walsh was first in his time to promote missing children on the in store television network as well as the grocery bags. Twins were recovered as a result of his efforts. Finally, Walsh entered into a partnership for Food&Beverage Journal, which eventually led to the wholly owned current version, Food&Beverage International Magazine. The web site is the sister web site to the magazine.

Walsh brings extensive background through his work experiences in all sectors of the foodservice industry: restaurants, retail, distribution, and marketing. As Publisher for Food&Beverage International, Walsh promoted the magazine format to foodservice professionals by first creating the Attendance Booster Program for distributor trade show attendance enhancement, and then serving as producer for tradeshows put on by Alliant, Rykoff-Sexton, (U.S. Foodservice ) and Southwest Traders. He has not only produced for both television and radio but is also a radio talk show guest host. He has participated on numerous advisory boards and panels. His humanitarian efforts have been acknowledged by the Shriners, Second Harvest Food Bank and the Red Cross.

Michael is an active food, wine and travel writer/photographer. Many of his stories can be found in Food&Beverage International, as well as California the Magazine. He currently serves on the advisory board of Great Wines International, and directs the tasting advisory board for Food&Beverage International, and














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