5 Lakes Vodka

By George Brozowski

Well, well what do you know a Vodka from Siberia, who would have thought of that? I am almost completely convinced that Vodka is distilled in every country in the world and made form just about anything with a little natural sugar content that can be fermented into alcohol. Why, I just recently learned that Vodka is also distilled in South Africa!

Everything I pretty much know about Siberia can be summed up by two facts. It's seriously cold up there and if you get sent to a prison in Siberia you will never be heard from again. Well I guess it can't be all that bad since 40 million people call it home. And on top of that it's huge, much bigger than the entire United States.

Unless you can read the Cyrillic alphabet, the label on this clear bottle will simply confuse the hell out of you as it did me. Below those large strange letters are the 2 words Five Lakes which is the translation of those strange symbols. This refers to the region of Siberia this Vodka comes from as well as the water used in this vodka. Curiously there really are only 4 lakes that have been discovered in the area and the fifth is believed to exist as a mythical source of the fountain of youth. The locals also believe that these waters have healing properties as well.

The web site for this Vodka doesn't go into much detail on this spirit except to say that it is distilled 7 times, filtered 8 times and chilled before final filtration and bottling. The water used contains trace amounts of silver and other minerals. The bottle indicates that the Vodka is made with natural flavors added, but does not state which kind of flavors. After digging around a bit I learned that two of the possible flavors are essence of honey and bison grass. Well as it turns out one of my favorite Vodka flavors just happens to be bison grass, go figure!!

Well let's dive into this Vodka before I drive myself crazy trying to imagine what it could possibly taste like with all that stuff going on.
The nose is surprisingly full for a Vodka that, by the very definition of Vodka, should be without any aroma. I detect the minerals, a hint of sweetness and of course the bison grass as expected. But there is also a fullness or presence to the aroma that is thicker than normal Vodka. It's as if they managed to capture the terroir of its origin. It is very pleasing and quite inviting.

On the palate the Vodka lies quiet and smooth at first. You can definitely pick up the oiliness and I mean that in a good way. The slight sweetness seems to come to the front followed by the bison grass and then the minerals Since I have no idea what silver tastes like I can't comment on that aspect of this spirit.

The finish is long and politely peppery leaving behind a mouthful of minerals, bison grass and an indistinct sweetness. This Vodka is a pleasant departure from ordinary Vodka and its tastes are subtle enough to be interesting without becoming overwhelming. I could definitely drink this on a regular basis and at only $16.99 per 750ml bottle it is very, very affordable. As a matter of fact I would classify it as a super premium Vodka at half of the expected price. If you can find 5 Lakes Vodka in your local liquor store or watering hole try it, you won't be disappointed.

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