Italian Wine Classification

In Italy almost 60 millions of hectoliters of wine are produced each year
(1 hectoliter = 100 liters).

Italians wines span over an impressive variety of tastes and perfumes, that includes superb wines, good quality wines and honest wines to be served in less formal occasions.

Recently, the Italian wines classification has been updated, and the IGT (Indicazione geografica tipica) class has been introduced.

The Italian wines classes are:

D.O.C.G.: only 13 wines deserve the classification Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (Certification of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin)

The acronym designates the production area. D.O.C.G. wines should have outstanding characteristics strictly related to a particular climate, natural environment, culture and should be produced following extremely rigid procedures. D.O.C.G. wines should have been classified D.O.C. for at least 5 years, and should overcome those wines not only in quality, but also for their cultural and historical relevance, and should be recognized nationally and internationally. It is impossible to sell them in bottles or containers bigger than 5 liters, and are characterized by a State Authority seal.

I.G.T.: 121 wines in Italy are classified as Indicazione Geografica Tipica
(Typical Geographic Indication) for a total of 25 millions hectoliters each year. The acronym is obviously related to the production area. Also those wines production procedures are coded and documented.

D.O.C.: in Italy 257 Denominazione di Origine Controllata 
(Certification of Controlled Origin) wines are produced. As for D.O.C.G. wines, the acronym designates a production area whose wines have strong peculiarities related to climate, natural environment, local culture and, of course, an outstanding quality. Even D.O.C. wines production should follow strict procedures.

VINO DA TAVOLA: this is the classification for the other 25 millions of hectoliters of wine produced each year in Italy. 

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