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Food and Beverage International used this grill exclusively to grill their high quality All Natural Dry Aged Rib Eye beef at Farmer Markets, Fairs and Festivals all summer long. The high temperatures sear the outside, creating an almost carmelized char, leaving the inside as rare as you would like it.

The following links will answer some of your most basic questions about the infrared technique, and we are featuring two grills that you may buy –
the first being a tail gate model, and the second being a full size grill
for your backyard.

If the price scares you a little, we recommend that you try the Solaire Portable model, and evolve into the full size grill when you are ready to spend the bigger price. Either way, the results are the same, and the Solaire Portable is an impressive piece of work!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office
at 707 566 9734.


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What is Infrared?
What are the benefits of using Solaire infrared technology.

Products to Buy:
Solaire Deluxe 27 inch Grill
Solaire Portable Grill
Solaire Accesories


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