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Early Golden Stalk
White Rice stalk about to be harvested
Early moring, white rice stalk
Lundberg kills the weeds by drowning the grass
during the 1st phase.
In the second phase, they dry up the f ields
so the weeds die off and strong rice survives.
Bryce Lundberg, family member and farmer.
Bryce Lundberg, inspecting the rice.
Bryce Lundberg, checking the purity of rice.
Newly sprouted rice seed plants.
Original Lundberg Family Brothers
Wild Rice is resplendent giant compared to other rice.
Normal Rice (left), Wild Rice (right)
Wild rice can stand over 12 feet high.
Wild Rice Stalk
Hot, fresh rice cakes.
Quality Control testing for purity.
They (Lundberg Family) secure. breed and cultivate their own seeds and varieties not only to ensure their existence for generations to come, but in order to insure the purity of the line.
“Seed operations often have purity as their goal, but what is unusual here is that a crop producing farm would have acreage set aside to create their own seeds. It's because we produce so many varieties that are not grown commercially in California or anywhere, that we need to maintain these varieites for the future. These small plots maintain these purities.
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