Calabaza Enmielada - ( Honeyed Squash )

Classic Latin American Recipe

Serves: 6

1 – 3 lb. Butternut or Hubbard Squash (or 3 one-pound Acorn Squashes)
1 lb. Mexican Piloncillo (broken into pea-size pieces, or 2 cups darkbrown sugar)
1/2 cup Water
1 cup Heavy Cream (stiffly whipped - optional)

If you are using the butternut or Hubbard squash, with a sharp knife cut it in half lengthwise and divide each half, as equally as possible, into 3 pieces. If you are using acorn squash, cut each one in half. In either case, remove all the seeds and cut away any stringy filaments. Pour the water into a 12-inch skillet or shallow flameproof casserole, and in it arrange the pieces of squash side by side. Sprinkle each piece with the piloncillo or brown sugar, and bring the water to a boil over high heat. Then reduce the heat to its lowest point, cover the pan and simmer for 1 hour, basting the squash every 10 minutes with the pan liquid. When the squash is tender but not mushy, turn off the heat and let the squash cool in the pan to room temperature.

To Serve: Arrange the squash on a platter or in individual dessert bowls, and spoon over it a little of its cooking liquidónow a syrup. If you like, top each piece of squash with whipped cream.


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