Passillo Pepper Soup with Pork Carnitas
By Executive Chef / Owner Jone Kane - Kane's Restaurant, Grass Valley, California

Made with:
Bonewerks CulinArte' Elite Veal Demi Glace

Serves 4

Soup Base Ingredients:
1 lb.
Bonewerks CulinArte' Elite Veal Demi Glace
1 cup Yellow Onions (diced)
1 cup Carrots (diced)
1 cup Tomatoes (diced)
1 cup Celery (diced)
1 cup Leek (diced)
1 cup Mushrooms (diced)
TT Salt and Pepper
1 tbls. Vegetable Oil
4 cup Water

Sauté all vegetables in 1 tbls. vegetable oil until translucent for approximately 3 - 5 minutes. Add water and
Bonewerks CulinArte' Elite Veal Demi Glace and simmer 25 minutes. Strain and set aside. Keep warm.

Pork Carniatas Ingredients:
2 Pasilla Peppers
1 lb. Pork Carniatas
1 Orange Jalapeno (sliced thin)
1 Red Jalapeno (sliced thin)
1 Lime (cut into wedges)
4 Habanaro Chilies
4 wedges of Avocado
4 sprigs of Cilantro
1 Tortilla (julienne)
4 cups Vegetable Oil

In 2 tbls. vegetable oil on hot. Sauce pan sear pork on all sides until well brown. Add 4 cups vegetable oil and place into 370°. oven for 30 minutes to braise. Remove from oil, set aside to cool and pull apart in shreads or pieces. Fry off Julianne tortilla threads in carniata oil over med heat 30 seconds until crisp. Drain in paper towel and sot aside. Rub peppers with 1 tbls. vegetable oil, piece on sheet pan and roast in 450°. (dm; oven until skin blasters and turn black. Approximately 20 minutes. Remove, set aside to cool then reel off blistered skin, cut in half and seed.

To Assemble:
In large soup bowl place 1/2 pasilla pepper resting against inside bowl. Fill with 1/4 of the pork carniata. Ladle soup into bowl. Arrange red and orange jalapeno sliced in soup. Arrange avacado and lime wedge on rim of bowl opposite with each other. Arrange cilantro sprig and habanaro pepper on carniatas, place haystack of fries tortillas in center of soup.

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