OCTOBER 6, 2010

And other Kitchen journeys

From the author of the highly successful book
A Platter of Figs
Comes the anticipated sequel

And other Kitchen journeys

From celebrated chef
David Tanis

"I'm a restaurant chef who has always preferred to cook at home." - From the forward of Heart of the Artichoke

Filled with Tanis' signature
Simple and streamlined recipes
Tanis goes one-step-further and provides
Ideas for the "three-kinds of cooking."

Small or "kitchen Rituals" - cooking for oneself, or to share with a friend
Medium or "Seasonal Menus" - meals for families. 4-6
Large or "Simple Feasts for a Long Table" -
For festive occasions for 12-20

Menus include

Pasta For One
Ham Sandwich in a French Bar
Mexican Breakfast

Cooking American - amazing Peppery Chicken Wings, great for the game!
Dead-of-Winter Dinner from the Supermarket
Cooking for Tomorrow Today
Sweet Stew

Turkey Deconstructed - a classic Thanksgiving feast, streamlined

About David Tanis
Nobody embodies the present-day man_tra "Eat real food in season" better than David Tanis, one of the most original voices in American Cooking. For more than a quarter of a century, Tanis has been perfecting his craft at the groundbreaking Chez Panisse, where the menu consists of a single perfect meal that changes each evening. His sensibility and deft hand result in recipes that are down-to-earth yet sophisticated, easy to prepare but impressive on the plate. HEART OF THE ARTICHOKE is the logical progression from Tanis's acclaimed A PLATTER OF FIGS taking you on another marvelous culinary journey.

Tour Cities and Dates

San Francisco (Hometown/on-going)
Los Angeles 11/6 & 7
Milwaukee 11/9
Columbus, OH 11/11
Minneapolis 11/12
Alburquerque 11/15
Santa Fe 11/16
Seattle 11/17 & 18
Philadelphia 11/30
Washington DC 12/1
New York 12/2-4
Atlanta 12/6
Charlotte 12/7

**More cities/dates to come!

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