Chateau Felice Winery & Mirepoix Restaurant
Scrumptious Wine & Food Pairings

By Ellen Walsh

Celebrating local, fresh and bountiful produce at the height of their freshness was the deciding factor for Sonoma based winery Chateau Felice. We have learned over and over again, says winery owner Phyllis Rodgers, that the simplicity of fresh, straight from the garden or ranch ingredients compliments the earthy tones of our premium wine. We know that anything Chef Matthew Bousquet creates for us is going to make our wine club dinners a success.

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Matthew is passionate about fresh, seasonal ingredients. He calls himself a purist, and insists on making everything from scratch including the fresh crackers made daily. His knowledge of ingredient sourcing makes it easy for him to change the menu almost daily, capitalizing on the latest harvest of what wine country has to offer.

It seems as if Matthew has been in the kitchen all his life. Born in Germany and raised in Ohio, Matthew trained with Gray Kunz of Lespinasse at the St. Regis Hotel in New York, and with Bradley Ogden at One Market in San Francisco. After graduating from the California Culinary Academy in 1995, he worked with Barbara Tropp at China Moon, and then again at Silks in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

However, behind every great man resides a great woman. Bryan Dempsey, General Manager, partner and wife, has complimentary credentials which emphasize the front of the house. With training no less spectacular than Matthew's, Bryan oversees management of daily operations, and selects the wines from their highly regarded wine list.

Matthew is passionate about fresh, seasonal ingredients. He calls himself a purist, and insists on making everything from scratch...

Hailing from South Carolina, Bryan discovered her love for seasonal food and wine while studying at the L Universite de Blaise Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand, France. After completion of her Certificat de Langue, she returned to the states to begin her restaurant career.

Developing her management skills, she practiced in her support of renowned chefs such as Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton of Campanile in Los Angeles, and Larry Nicola at Nicola and Nic's in Beverly Hills, and Kevin Taylor at Jou Jou Bistro in Denver.

Together, Matthew and Bryan have produced a labor of love in their 1,000 square foot restaurant in the renovated part of downtown Windsor, located in Sonoma County.
You can reach Mirepoix Restaurant at 707 838-0162

for reservations, or you can e-mail them with questions about the recipes at: HYPERLINK



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