Clear Springs Rainbow Trout
By Chef Tim Wood, Bernardus Lodge, Carmel Valley, CA

Chef Participant: Cooking for Solutions Conference 2006

Serves: 4

Ingredients: (use organic when possible)
2 Trout Fillets* (boneless)
2 tspn. Kosher Salt
1/2 tspn. Maple Sugar
2 med. Yukon Gold Potatoes
1 bunch Baby Arugula
1 tbls. Balsamic Vinegar (aged)
2 tbls. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
TT Salt and Pepper

Place boneless trout fillets skin-side-down in a glass pan or dinner plate and season with salt and maple sugar. Cover with plastic and allow to cure overnight, 12-14 hours. Rinse fillets and pat dry. Cold smoke them over almond wood for 1-2 hours.

2. Cook potatoes in salted water for approximately 20 minutes. Potatoes are done when pierced by a knife and there is no resistance. Drain and slice potatoes into 1/4-inch thick rounds while still warm. Dress baby arugula with olive oil, salt and pepper.

3. Arrange sliced potatoes on a plate, followed by trout and baby arugula. Drizzle plate with aged balsamic vinegar.

*Seafood Watch recommends farmed rainbow trout from all sources.


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