Chef Dean Fearing
The Mansion at Turtle Creek, Dallas, TX

Great Food, Great Boots, Great People

The camera crews arrived at The Mansion at Turtle Creek in Dallas in the heat of a busy night. “Where’s Dean at?” they yelled. “In the kitchen — the one with the bright-colored cowboy boots,” as the whole staff burst into laughter. The camera crew pushed past the busy hotel bar scene, walked through the dining room, and found Dean Fearing in the kitchen thoroughly engaged with his sous chef and staff of 10 years. When The Mansion at Turtle Creek opened in 1980, Fearing, then executive sous chef, resigned to become chef and part owner of The Mansion’s wildly successful restaurant, Agnew’s. There, his daring experiments with ingredients and methods indigenous to the Southwest drew the attention of Craig Claiborne, then food editor at The New York Times, launching his rise to international prominence. Shortly thereafter, Dean Fearing returned “home” to The Mansion at Turtle Creek, this time in his sought after position of executive chef. A decade and countless culinary awards later, including the coveted Mobil “Five-Star Award,” Dean is still there. He continues to develop his signature Southwestern cuisine, using home-grown peppers, dried chilies, jicama, cilantro and tomatillos, intertwined with the highest quality meat and game available, insuring that no chances will be taken with his international following.

Culinary Background
Host of Entertaining at Home with
Dean Fearing on Television Food Network

Host of Dean’s Cuisine on the Dallas FOX Television

Author of two cookbooks:
The Mansion on Turtle Creek Cookbook
Dean Fearing’s Southwest Cuisine: Blending Asia and the America’s

Winner of The James Beard Foundation Restaurant Award
in 1994 for “Best Chef in the Southwest”

The Mobil “Five-Star Award” from 1995-2000

Chef Recipes:
Barbecued Duck Quesadilias with Lime Sour Cream

Barbequed Venison Fajitas

Black Bean Purée

Chorizo Avocado Nacho

Corn Sauce

Garnish for Steak “Diane” Sauce

Griddled Asparagus


Kobe Beef Steak “Diane” with Griddled Asparagus, Queso Fresco Potatoes and Chorizo Avocado Nacho

Kobe Beef Tenderloin Marinated in Molasses and Black Pepper, served with Compote of Smoked Bacon, Wild Mushrooms, Glazed Sweet Potatoes and Pecans

Molasses Duck with Smoked Vegetable Dressing and Peach Chutneyaa

Peach Chutney

Pork Tenderloin with Honey Malt Glaze on Roasted Yellow Tomato-Pozole Stew and Barbecued Venison Fajitas

Quesco Fresco Potatoes

Smoked Vegetable Dressing

Yellow Tomato-Pozole Stew

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