John, George, Richard Taylor

Taylor Brothers Organic Prune Products
The Best Organic Prune Growers in the Valley

If we have a secret, I would have to say it's in the processing. "Says third generation prune farmer John Taylor, when asked how he makes his prunes so moist. "When you dry the prunes, you have to think of it as cooking. It's a lot of hands on. We test the moisture by touch."

Organic Prunes Find Loyal Market
( PDF )
Organic Prunes in a Squab Consommé Gelee
By Executive Chef Josh Silvers
( Recipe )
Chicken with Organic Prunes Soaked in Armagnac
By Executive Chef Josh Silvers
( Recipe )
Building Bones, No Dairy Case Needed
Prunes, onions and other produce seem to help.
Next up is figuring out other details
By Susan Bowerman - LA TImes
January 29, 2007
( PDF )
Prunes May Strengthen Bones
By Anita Weier - Capital Times
January 13, 2007
( PDF )
Prunes May Help Stave of Bone Loss
By Alex Cukan - Washington Times Insider
January 12, 2007
( PDF )
Antioxidant Levels in Prunes
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