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Kingslake & Crane Premium Blend Granola

There is something about this granola that makes it more than a breakfast cereal. It's an irresistible snack. You might feel guilty biting into its light, crunchy and easy sweet texture, but no need for that. Kingslake & Crane bakes with no added fats, oils or butter. It goes into a big convection oven dry, circulates evenly giving it that uniformity in baking, and comes out just perfect.

The nuts are the most magical. Most nuts add a heaviness to a cereal. These nuts maintain the same light texture that the rest of the cereal has, leaving you there to analyze why everything feels like it's evenly weighted, even though the ingredients are of different densities.

" We add California almonds and pecans into the bake when mixing all of the raw ingredients together, and cook with the rest of the product," says Arthur Kleinpell. "A lot of people roast nuts with a pressure cooker, causing the nuts to come out of the roaster heavier when they went in. We don't do that. We do not infuse any oils into the nuts as they cook."

People who love food but want to eat healthy foods are often inspired to start their own brands. Kingslake & Crane was no exception. In 2002 Susan was searching for a granola or snack mix that she liked. "I just couldn't find a satisfying granola or snack mix with enough nuts and dried fruit, or that didn't taste like birdseed. Many products add unnecessary fats which I didn't need either!" After developing a recipe that met her expectations, Susan began sharing the results with family and friends. The response was overwhelming enthusiasm! Selling first by word of mouth and then in a few select retail stores and online, Kingslake & Crane Premium Blend Granola has quickly become the snack of choice for thousands of new customers.

"You are what you eat" No truer words have ever been spoken, that is why what we consume should be of the highest quality with the maximum nutritional value." Said Susan Kleinpell.


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Susan Kleinpell
1030 N. Crooks Rd._Suite L
Clawson, Michigan 48017
Phone: (800) 615-6220
Fax: (248) 435-6968




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