Filet of Escolar wlth Green Lentil Mango Salad
By Chef Reiner Schmidt, Luxe Summit Hotel, Bel Air, CA

Serves: 4

4 - 7 oz. Escolar Filet (cut into 8 Pieces)
4 oz. Green Lentil
2 Mangos
_ Bermuda Onion
_ Brunch Cilantro
_ Brunch Parsley Italian
Juice from 1 Lemon
2 Russet Potatoes
2 oz. Virgin Olive Oil
_ oz. Red Wine Vinegar
Salt and Pepper and Paprika Powder

For Lentil Salad:
Wash Lentils and check for any dirt. Boil Lentils in salt water until || cooked slightly. Drain and let cool.

Peel One Mango and cut dice small; Peel _ Onion and dice small. Wash Cilantro and chop finely; mix with lentils: add vinegar and _ oz. Olive Oil, season with salt.

Weigh duck breast and calculate proportions. Combine spices, herbs and salt. Trim the duck breast of excess surrounding fat and skin, remove tenderloin and connective tissue. Rub spice mix into the breast. Place on a plate and wrap with plastic wrap; cure for 48 hours in the refrigerator. With a small knife scrape off the dry rub and wrap in a double layer of cheesecloth. Tie at each end with string and hang, not touching, in the refrigerator for 21 - 30 days.

Remove cheesecloth, scraping any white bloom off. Trim top of fat, leaving a thin coat. Wrap in plastic wrap; freeze solid and slice paper-thin. Serve with fresh fig or ripe pears. Cracked pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.


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Filet of Escolar wlth Green Lentil Mango Salad

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