Lobster Salmon Carpaccio
By Executive Chef Edoardo Caneri, Crown Plaza,
Union Square. San Francisco

1 Lobster Tail
Juniper Berries, (cracked)
White Pepper
Thyme, (chopped)
Dill, (chopped)
Italian Parsley, (chopped)
Fresh Salmon Fillet
Honey Mustard Dressing
Red Onions
Fennel, (fresh)

1. Marinate the whole lobster tail with cracked juniper berries, white pepper, chopped thyme, chopped dill, a little bit of Italian parsley, chopped.

2. Take a fillet of salmon, make a pocket, and put the lobster tail inside the fillet, and roll it. Put the same herbs on the salmon that you put on the lobster. Put a cellophane wrap nice and tight around the fillet, to form a roll. Refrigerate for 24 or 36 hours.

3. Then, wrap it in aluminum foil and freeze it. If you don't freeze it, you can't cut it. That is how you get the nice thin slices. Defrost on plate after slicing, and don't touch it.

4. Garnish with honey mustard dressing, red onions and capers. Add greens in the middle, perhaps some fennel or edible flowers, as we had. This gives a nice honey scented flavor, like a mint.

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