Pan Roasted Sea Scallops in Okonomi Peanut Emulsion, Daikon Relish, Popcorn Sprouts and Fried Ginger Snaps
By Chef Bernd Liebergesell, Westin St. Francis Hotel,
San Francisco, CA

Made with:
Otatuku Okonomi Sauce & Namban Vinegar


Fresh Large Sea Scallops (U 10)
Kaiware Sprouts
Peanut Oil
Popcorn Sprouts
Orange Juice
Julienne Fresh Ginger (deep fryed)
Okonomi Sauce
Micro Greens
Peanut Butter
Sesame Seeds
Shredded Daikon seasoned with
Namban Vinegar,
Honey and Sesame Seeds

1. Season scallops with salt and pepper. Heat peanut oil until very hot.

2. Pan fry scallops nice and brown on both sides but still a little raw in a the middle. Remove from the pan, deglace pan with orange juice. Add Okonomi Sauce and peanut butter. Bring to a quick boil and remove from heat. Pour sauce on the plate, place scallops on top.

3. Garnish with daikon, kaiware sprouts, popcom sprouts, fried ginger julienne. Micro greens and sesame seeds.


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