Fall Vegetable, Bagna Cauda
By Executive Chef Alice Water, Chez Panisse, Berkeley, CA

Wine Suggestion:
La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi 1999 Pinot Grigio

Serves: 6 - 8

2 small heads Fennel
4 small Artichokes
4 small Carrots
1 small Cauliflower
1 Belgium Endive
2 small heads Radicchio di Treviso
1 head escarole
1 bunch multicolored Radishes
1 heart leafy Celery
8 small Yellow Finn Potatoes
Sea Salt (fleur de sel)
10 to 12 salt pack Anchovies
6 cloves Garlic
Salt and Pepper
1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 tablespoons Unsalted Butter
Few drops Red Wine Vinegar

Optional: Lemon Zest

Wash the vegetables in a large bowl of | cold water and blot dry. Trim the fennel of any stringy layers, and slice thinly crosswise. Peel the outer leaves of the artichokes to reveal the pale green hearts, and slice into thin wedges. Peel the carrots, and slice lengthwise. Cut the cauliflower into thin slices, or break into small florets. Separate the leaves of the Belgian endive and Radiccio di Treviso. Trim the escarole, discarding any outer leaves, wash thoroughly and spin dry. Cut the radishes into quarters, leaving the tops attached, or leave whole if they are small enough. Separate the stalks of celery. Wash and boil the potatoes with the skin until completely tender.

Sprinkle everything lightly with sea salt (or fleur de sel) and arrange the vegetables on a platter, tossing them together to create a colorful display. Rinse and fillet the anchovies.

In a mortar, pound the garlic to a paste with a little salt and pepper. Add the anchovies and pound until ~ roughly mashed. Warm the olive oil and butter over medium-low heat. Add half of anchovy mixture, the red wine vinegar and lemon zest, if you like, and gently simmer for 2 minutes. Stir in the remaining anchovy mixture, taste for salt and pepper, transfer the I sauce to a warmed bowl or individual ramekins.

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