Aylesbury Duck Vodka

By George Brozowski

Of the more than 450 brands of vodka in the world, as you, my faithful 899,648.6 regular readers know, I have taste tested only 36 to date and by this count I have a long way to go. Actually, I look at it as job security because if I only wrote about vodka and then only wrote an article once a week it would take me almost 8 years to review them all. Since I also write about other spirits, and there are thousands of them out there, I will be securely employed for at least another hundred years or so. I guess social security will have to wait as I already have spirits security.

And so on to number 37, Aylesbury Duck Vodka. Now I know you can practically distill vodka from just about anything but it never once crossed my mind that you could make vodka out of distilled ducks although I do believe there is a French vodka that is made from geese.

Of course I'm joking; Aylesbury Duck Vodka comes from the western Rockies of Canada and is made from winter wheat not ducks. It is triple distilled and then bottled in Ukiah, California after sweet Mendocino county water is added to bring the proof to 80 or alcohol by volume to a respectable 40%.

Speaking of Ukiah, California, what is going on in this teeny tiny Mendocino county town that's a whopping 4 square miles big and has a population of 16,000? It seems to be becoming a magnet for spirits, beer and wine producers and distributors. I've been to Ukiah several times and fell in love with this city. It is in the heart of Mendocino county and just like its sister counties of Napa and Sonoma it is primarily known for its delicious wines even though it is rumored that marijuana is the largest cash crop coming out of Mendocino these days. Different folks up there brew some fine beer, distill some terrific brandy and raise some great grapes and maybe that's why these folks with and Domaine Charbay, who bring you this Aylesbury Vodka, as well as Tequila Cabeza, Cana Brava Rum and Ford's London Dry Gin have taken root up there.

Well, let's give this Canadian/Californian vodka a taste run and see where it goes. The nose has the barest touch of alcohol and a slightly citrusy spicy note followed by an earthy, mineral like aroma but all of these combined are just barely perceptible. It is indeed a very clean nose. The palate continues this trend with a touch of terroir, a bit of citrus and spice and opens up to a yeasty bread like flavor but again it is also very clean and pleasant and the flavors are all very subtle. The finish is smooth with citrus and spice lingering for a medium amount of time. If you're looking for a great vodka at an even greater price point, this Aylesbury Duck vodka is your spirit. It is around $22.99 per 750ml bottle and let me tell you a super premium vodka at that price is absolutely worth buying and even if that's a sale price and this spirit comes in around the high $20's it is still a bargain. Go get you some!!

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