A Touch of France at La Crepe Michel -
Culinary Delight in Old Town Albuquerque

By Bonnie Carroll

Hidden away at the end of a lovely shopping street in Old Town Albuquerque is an unexpected escape to France at La Crepe Michel, where the menu and atmosphere offer an authentic and delicious experience of a Paris cafe.

Owner Claudie Zamet-Wilcox and her chef son Marc Wilcox work happily together with their skilled staff to create a delightful respite where patrons enjoy exceptionally fine French crepes, along with signature entrée plates and desserts.

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Claudie, born in Lebanon, and educated in Paris, came to New Mexico with her two young sons to begin a new life, following the purchase of the French Café twenty-three years ago. Since that time her son Marc has become a major asset by honing his fine skills preparing and presenting outstanding French favorites. His touch with crustless quiche and French signature cakes is uncanny. Anyone familiar with these authentic recipes would assume he was trained in France or did a stint at Le Cordon Blue. It is a pleasure to sample these heavenly creations.

Claudie is the host with the most, and has the amazing charm I have often experienced in the dining rooms and kitchens of Lebanese friends and chefs. The main entrance of La Crepe Michel is a seductive little patio that leads into a small entry dining room and the kitchen area. At first glance you think this is it, but not so. The restaurant rooms ramble back to an elegant dining room with a fireplace that affords guests complete privacy and a very romantic ambiance.

Lunch Entrée

The lunch menu changes daily and may include home-made soup, a crustless quiche with a green salad, and fresh vegetables with butter. All meals are served with a basket of divine French bread, and freshly made iced tea or lemonade. Naturally, a variety of exceptional crepes can be found on the menu, as well as delicious salad options.

Michel's Salmon Crepe

The dinner menu offers soup l'Oignon, pate de champagne maison, les escargots, crepe de saumon, salade Nicoise and maison, crepes: aux fruits de mer, a la ratatouille, aux epinards, boeuf bourguignon, porc Dijonnaise, Saumon et Asperges, poulet Basquaise, epinards et artichauts, aux champignons. Special entrees include steak frites and truite aux amandes. Dessert crepes include a la confiture, aux Fraises, aux trios crèmes, au chocolate, aux pommes, au miel et noix, a la bananae at miel, au poivre, Helene, David, Antillaise, and Suzette. Additional desserts include mousse au chocolat, crème caramel, crème brulee, Charlotte, tarte fine aux pommes, coupe glacee, sorbet framboise, as well as an assortment of additional desserts.

Charlotte Dessert

Aperitifs include Lillet Blanc, Kir-Aligore and Crème de Casis, Kir Royal and a variety of champagne, sauternes, vin doux, sherry and port. Also served are beers from France, Belgium,Quebec, and England. Naturally, they serve a collection of European style coffee and tea. Claudie's place is a favorite hide-a-way for locals, who all seem to love this talented gourmet driven family. Following a shopping spree in Old Town or after sampling the New Mexico diet for a week a visit to La Crepe Michel is a delicious change.

La Crepe Michel
400 S. San Felipe (Old Town Albuquerque)
(505) 242-1251

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