1937 Food & Beverage Highlight of
Historic Lawn Bowls Anniversary

The Santa Barbara Lawn Bowls Club celebrated it's 80th anniversary at Spencer Adams Park in October on the site of the first Santa Barbara High School established in 1875. Both Santa Barbara County Supervisor Das Williams and City of Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider presented proclamations commending the club that was formed in 1937, and shared what a great contribution its members have made to recreation in the downtown area of the Santa Barbara Community.

1937 Products

When SBLBC began in 1937, countless new food and beverage products were introduced in America including Spam, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer and more. The outstanding luncheon coordinated by Denise Foxwell and her staff of volunteer members featured a variety of sandwiches including Spam egg salad croissant sandwiches, Krispy Kreme donuts with raspberries and whipped cream, soft drinks, wines from Margerum Wines, French cookies and croissants from Renaud's Patisserie. Members and VIP's all took home a can of Spam and small bottles the of soda introduced in 1937. The Anniversary celebration was enjoyed to the sounds of 1937 "Big Band" records that could be heard throughout the club Lanai.

Gourmet Spam Egg Salad Sandwiches

The sport of lawn bowls had its beginnings in England in the 13th century and continues to be enjoyed in Santa Barbara and throughout the world. Artist Dita Joseph posed with the wall painting she created on the SBLBC lanai in 1994 which depicts Sir Francis Drake playing the game of bowls whilst the Spanish Armada were approaching their ship in Plymouth Hoe, Sir Walter Raleigh and Drake were in the middle of a bowls game that Sir Francis Drake refused to interrupt because he believed there was enough time to finish the game before setting sail. The mural at SBLBC is an ongoing reminder of the history of lawn bowls and SBLBC.

Mayor Helene Schneider & County Supervisor Das Williams

VIPs in attendance included event sponsor Jerry Jordano, partner Central Coast Home Health & Hospice, as well as members of the Santa Barbara Police Department including Sargent Kasi Corbett and Officers' Kyle Rapp and C.J. Powell who enjoyed taking a lawn bowl lesson from past president Tony Cunningham, followed by the 1937 inspired luncheon service. For information on SBLBC visit:

By Bonnie Carroll

About Bonnie Carroll
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