General Beauregard Dixie Southern Vodka

Wow, this vodka's name is quite the mouthful. And not only that, the General it's named after is also a mouthful: Pierre Gustave Toutant-Beauregard. And to top it all off, it's made by the Chicken Cock Distillers of Charleston, South Carolina! And NO, I didn't make any of that up. Just open up your Funk and Wagnall's Encyclopedia and you'll see its all true.

This vodka is made from American non-GMO corn, distilled 6 times, and then filtered through their proprietary process called TerrePURE to strip out additional impurities post-distillation. It is also available in two other flavors: mint and black pepper. The bottle is highly stylized and reminiscent of turn of the century glassware. The font used on the label is pure Southern Civil War style and features a portrait of the General. It kind of gives me the feeling that the South has already risen again.

The vodka within is clear as water. The nose has the slightest hint of ethanol followed by a touch of citrus and pepper. The palate presents full bodied and oily with that touch of citrus and wheat and it is very smooth. The finish is slightly peppery and spicy with touches of citrus and cream and lasts a short time. I like the mouth feel of this vodka, as it is full and thick and reacts well with the palate. The subtle touches of spice and pepper make it that much more interesting. At its price point of only $20.00, it's a steal and compares favorably to super premium vodkas costing far more.

On the rocks, all the flavors combine nicely creating a very smooth and subtle wheat flavored vodka that is very easy to enjoy. In a mixed drink the flavor, although subtle, does come through. If you live in the South, this should be your drink and when it comes around to a greater distribution and penetration of the rest of the country, you should really try this Southern charmer.

Dixie Vodka can be found only in the South so far for around $20.00 per 750ML bottle and is 40% ABV.

By George Brozowski

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