An Easy Way for Foodservice Industry
Professionals to DONATE

It’s Easy to Provide Disaster Relief when your Network is the Foodservice Industry
FBWorld has the unique opportunity of enjoying a fruitful relationship with chefs, food manufacturers, shippers, and suppliers of all kinds, throughout the foodservice industry.


We can Help by Being Organized
This Disaster Relief site is designed to pull together these resources to be available to people in need throughout the country and world at large, during a natural disaster.


Pledge your Company’s Greatest Assets
By pledging your company’s greatest assets to be used in the event of a disaster —— food, beverages, supplies, transportation, or cooking talent — you will be part of a network that will spring into action when a disaster occurs.


Only to be Used in the Event of a Disaster
These pledges will live in “cyberspace”. In other words, no products will be used or collected until a disaster occurs. Then, each donation will be looked at in relation to need, distance to the site, and transportation logistics.


The Logistics Have to Make Sense
By filling out this pledge form, you are telling FBWorld it is OK to call you during a disaster to pull these items should the logistics work in relation to the location of the disaster.


Help Us to be Ready in the Event of a Disaster
By providing the contact name, you are telling FBWorld who to contact when it becomes necessary to spring into action.


We welcome your questions, and your creativity.

1. Food - Manufacturer
/ Distributor / Broker

2. Beverage - Manufacturer / Distributor / Broker

3. Equipment - Manufacturer / Distributor / Broker

4. Shipper - Ground - Truck / Air / Rail - Train / Sea - Ship

5. Chef

6. Consumer

7. Non Profit Organizations (E/G: Red Cross, Business Roundtable, Foodbanks, etc.)
(If you are a non profit, and would qualify to distribute food, water or supplies during a disaster, please fill out this form, so that we may contact you at the appropriate time).

Click on Buttons for print-out forms which best represents
the category for your donation.










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